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Customization – it’s the way to go!

Much of our lives these days is customized to meet our specific needs or personal taste, whether it be our clothing, cars, homes, even the ring-tones on our phones we desire the perfect fit and reflection of our personality.  So ask yourself, if you’re so specific about certain details, like the grade of leather for your car seats or having the latest song from Drake as your ring tone, why should you settle for ready-made drapes or furniture in your home?

When considering “ready-made” furniture or drapery you are confined to the size and colour options that have been pre-determined for you by the manufacturer.   Yes, while it’s true that we have a vast selection of “ready-made” furniture and drapery available to us on the market, the hunt for that so-called “perfect” choice can be not only time consuming, but also extremely frustrating!


Custom drapery should be a must for your home as it afford you many options of styles and fabrics.

Custom-made furniture and drapery is constructed to your exact specifications and requirements and offers a greater caliber of quality and longevity.   Choosing the route of custom furniture allows you to be expressive selecting the perfect fabric patterns for your home, as well as seating options and wood tones and have everything properly sized to suit you and your room.  Select a reputable manufacturer when looking for custom furniture options.  One company that I often turn to for my custom work is Silva Custom Furniture.    They’re a Canadian furniture manufacturer that takes pride in their products and continuously puts forth timeless, quality designs.   Their knowledge and attention to detail will ensure your custom-made furniture will compliment your home for years to come.

But don’t just stop there.  Custom drapery should also be a must for your home as it also affords you many options of header styles and fabrics that are simply not available in ready-made drapery not to mention provide the perfect fit for your windows.   Look to Model Space Design in Toronto.  They not only manufacture products of the highest quality, they can assist you in designing the most appropriate window coverings for your spaces.

Before you start your next home project be sure to investigate the option of custom-made furniture or drapery; with all the possibilities available you can tailor a look to suit your needs and create for yourself a well-appointed home to enjoy for years to come.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

There are thousands of fabrics available to you, be creative and have some fun with colour and patterns be sure to select appropriate grades of fabrics suitable to your day-to-day lifestyle.    Great resource for  fabric is Robert Allen here you will find they offer a large selection to choose from www.

  • If a furniture design is not the right fit for your needs, look to change the frames where possible. Consider a higher back to your sofa, raising the arm height or increasing the seating depth if you are taller.  Test different densities of foam, feather or envelope seat cushions to pick the most comfortable for you.
  • Be sure to properly line and inter-line your drapery panels to protect your fabrics from sun damage and extend the longevity of your investment. Also, don’t be stingy, add some extra fabric widths to maximize the fullness for a proper custom look, you’ll be glad you did.

About the Author: Linda Mazur is Principal Designer for Linda Mazur Design Group

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