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Customized closet systems can organize cluttered closets

Is your closet overflowing with clothes, belts and shoes? Do you not have enough space to organize all of your things? We have a solution for you: a custom closet organizer. Thanks to our good friends at Reno and Decor Magazine for the inspiration. Take these ideas to a specialist in organization to get you started on your very own customized closet!

Forget the bi-fold and sliding doors. If you truly want an organized closet, think about an investment in custom millwork. By categorizing your wardrobe needs (skirts, trousers, jackets, sweaters, belts, etc.) you can plan a fool-proof closet design that’s easy to use & maintain.

What any good closet needs

  1. Three hanging levels: pants/skirts/blouses/jackets, full length;
  2. Shelves for sweaters;
  3. Divided drawers for underwear, socks;
  4. Belt, scarf, tie rack;
  5. Shelves for shoes;
  6. Clothing hamper.

customized closets

Customized Closets – You have choices!

Closet designers refer to closets as reach-in or walk-in. Reach-in closets are the ubiquitous two-foot wide spaces in the majority of bedrooms, typically graced with an overhead shelf and one hanging rod. Newer homes may offer walk-in closets. Perhaps you are lucky enough to have a spare bedroom you can transform into a closet with a dressing area.

Whatever your situation, there are experts who specialize in closet organization. Good designers can make use of even the smallest spaces. That’s why it’s important to contact a decluttering and organization specialist to design and build a customized closet system for you!

closet system1

Are you a DIYer? Then give this a trycloset system

For a DIY-makeover, adjustable shelves and rods are a must. If you have space to spare, consider places for purses, jewelry and other specialty items, such as hats. You may even want to consider luxurious items such as velvet-lined security drawers and glass doors.

For a beautiful look, consider premium finishes such as wooden veneer and crown moulding. Ikea offers a system called PAX. It works with a plethora of storage components and hanging options. Cost-effective and easy to assemble, the PAX system is great for lovers of a modern aesthetic. A handy carpenter can even customize the PAX system to fit irregular spaces.

Another good system is made by Rubbermaid and can be found at your local big-box home improvement stores. Wire racks comprise the system, which can be easily cut to size and installed by most homeowners.

If a DIY project isn’t your thing, then we have the right solution for you! Our directory of decluttering experts can build a system for you. Search for a specialist in your area to get started.

Maximize Space

Many times, houses offer a creativity challenge for storage. One of the best solutions is making use of the full height of vertical space. While it may be difficult to reach, it can be optioned for seldom-used items.

A blank wall offers a great amount of hanging space, so you might want to consider slat wall and hooks or shelves. Inexpensive and typically used for retail stores, this can offer a budget-wise solution.

Don’t forget about unique spaces, such as under the stairs, on the backs of doors, or furniture with built-in storage. This can maximize even the smallest of spaces and provide storage solutions for tiny homes.

This slat wall not only looks stylish, but can keep your favourite accessories neatly organized!

This slat wall not only looks stylish, but can keep your favourite accessories neatly organized!


One of the key elements often overlooked in closets is lighting. It is critical that your closets are well lit. Battery-powered puck lights may be a quick-fix solution but, in the long term, you may want to invest in lights that are activated when the doors open. Another truly great feature is drawers with lighting.

What do you think of the lighting in these closets?

What do you think of the lighting in these closets?

Why you need a customized closet system, whether it’s a DIY or pro-inspired project

While custom millwork might appear to be an indulgence, consider how much time will be saved when you can properly see your wardrobe at a glance. As well, you might save money by reducing your shopping trips. After all, when you realize you have 10 pairs of black pants hanging side-by-side, you may not want to invest in another.

How will you know what you have in your closet if it's not properly organized?

How will you know what you have in your closet if it’s not properly organized?

Are you ready to completely transform your closet? Use our directory to find a decluttering and organization professional near you to begin the project!

Visit Reno and Decor for more information!

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