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Cutting holiday waste can also add up to savings

JUSTJUNK offers tips on how to reduce garbage, expenses over the holidaysIt can be tough over the holidays for busy Canadians to keep their homes tidy and organized as they juggle all of the extra social activities and family demands that make the season so much fun.

Then there are all of seasonal items that can add to the clutter, like presents that will be given to friends and family, new items received and boxes of Christmas decorations that get strategically placed around the home.

After more than 15 years helping Canadians declutter their living and work spaces, JUSTJUNK crews across the country have become trusted experts on how to minimize waste and relieve the stress that goes along with having too much ‘stuff’.

As the holidays draw near, JUSTJUNK offers the following tips on how to trim a bit of seasonal waste and cut costs at the same time:


  1. Use two-sided wrapping paper to save on cost and waste. Many companies provide wrapping paper in larger rolls with a different design on each side. Not only does this cut down on your costs when buying paper, but larger rolls last longer – you can even get inventive with the wrapping paper and create little family traditions with them – and reduce the amount of waste overall each year.
  2. Send e-Christmas cards to cut down on postage and make them more permanent. We only have so much space, and as endearing as they are, Christmas cards don’t stick around forever. An e-Christmas card, however, can stick around in an inbox for years. And not just generic ones, either. With new software and video technology, your Christmas cards can be personalized for everyone you send them to and also be more inventive than in the past.
  3. Teach the kids how to make crafty gifts to save money and teach them some fun skills. Kids can save their allowances by creating crafty gifts for parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles. Whether it’s a photo frame out of popsicle sticks or a series of bookmarks from old photos, they can create gifts that will last forever and be functional all from things around the home.
  4. Go through your old clothes that you haven’t worn – making room for new Christmas clothes coming in! We know, it’s Christmas and “clothes are coming.” Where will they all go? We guarantee there are probably some clothes hidden away that haven’t seen the light of day in nearly a year. If so, now is the time to clear them out, knowing that, undoubtedly, more are on the way. Charities and donation centres across Canada are always looking for used fall and winter clothing this time of year, now is better than ever to send your gently used clothing their way.
  5. Save money and on shipping costs and avoid waste by grouping all your family’s online shopping together. It can be exhausting to prepare all the online gifts for your family. What’s worse is the mess when it all arrives. Dealing with 10 or 20 different packages makes this more difficult and, worse, more cluttered this time of year. If you’re lucky enough, though, you can get everyone’s gifts online AND in one shipment. Set a deadline for any gift lists so that you can order everything at once. This will cut down on multiple shipping costs as well as multiple receiving dates and the clutter all in one. You may have to badger some of those you know who take their time with gift orders, but it will all be worth it in the end.

With franchises across the country, JUSTJUNK removes unwanted materials/items from residential and commercial properties including furniture, appliances, garden refuse and construction and demolition debris.

JUSTJUNK crews help ensure as much of the material they collect as possible is recycled or donated to charitable organizations for re-use, helping to divert waste from landfills.


JUSTJUNK removes junk and unwanted materials/items from residential and commercial properties including furniture, appliances, garden refuse and construction and demolition debris. The pricing rates include all labour, loading of the materials from anywhere on the property, clean up and all disposal or recycling fees. Customers are provided with an up-front, written estimate before any work begins.

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