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De-cluttering Basics 101

The winter months are coming to a close and it’s time to sort out your spring-cleaning plan. De-cluttering can make your home feel fresh, clean and brand new. Use a step-by-step guide to ensure a smooth and effortless de-clutter session.

Step One: Deciding to Do it

Deciding to de-clutter and organize your home is the first positive step when starting your clean up. A lot of people will sit in a cluttered mess for years before they make the decision to throw unnecessary items away, so deciding to undergo a clean up is a great place to start.

Step Two: Mark it Down

Unless you have the time to do it now, consider selecting a day on your calendar and carve out the time to start your project. When we schedule time to do something and write it down, we’re likely to treat it like an event and actually complete it. Try and complete your organizing session in one to two days, if we tidy a little each day, you’ll feel like you’re doing it forever. Buckle down and get it done!

Step Three: One Room at a Time

Start your clean up by tackling the mess one room at a time with the objects you know you can easily part with. Go room-by-room and decide what the purpose and function of that room is and begin to eliminate what doesn’t fall under that room’s use. An example of this would be, an office and eliminating old recipe books, junk mail and old paperwork, or organizing your living room and throwing away empty boxes that once packaged electronics, old candles or things that are taking up space and collecting dust.

To help you with items you’re having a hard time saying goodbye to, answer the following questions to help you decide if you should toss, keep, donate or sell;

  1. Have my kids or I used this in the past year?
  2. If I were to go shopping today, would I buy this?
  3. Is there sentimental value in this item?
  4. Do I have a realistic plan to use this?
  5. Does it fit me, my kids or somewhere in my home?
  6. Am I holding on to a broken item I was planning on fixing in the future?
  7. Do I have a similar item that serves the same purpose?
  8. Will someone else benefit from using this?

As you’re throwing things away and donating others, here are a few small reminders to keep in the back of your mind to ensure that your clean up is the best it can be.

Reminder: Storage is Not a Solution

Buying storage containers, labeling them and tossing bits and bobs into them is not cleaning or organizing. You’re only organizing your mess and clutter. A thorough cleanup includes some storage but you have to be picky about what you’re storing and if it’s truly worth it.

Reminder: Don’t Feel the Guilt of Gifts

You shouldn’t feel ashamed by donating a gift that you aren’t using. The only thing you should feel bad about is having it sit and collect dust. Donate it to someone who will actually enjoy it.

Reminder: Lose the Regret

Don’t regret throwing things away that truly need to be laid to rest. De-cluttering your life will instantly make you feel stress free, clean and organized.

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