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Decorate & design a functional laundry room with these 5 tips

Laundry work may not be the most favourable task to do around the house, but that doesn’t mean you have to do it a drab, boring-looking room either. Interior design consultant Lisa Canning shares her tips for creating a stylish, functional and efficient laundry room. Bring in your own interior design specialist to help make your next laundry load a bit more fun!

I find laundry a grueling task. But in a bright, organized space, even the most laundry adverse can be converted. After completing my own laundry room for my family of 7, here are my essential items that can make the act of doing laundry a joy and not a chore.

High efficiency/high capacity washer and dryer

We recently upgraded our washer and dryer to high capacity, top load units and I cannot believe how much time it saves us. With our Whirlpool Cabrio washer and dryer set, we can do up to four baskets of laundry at the same time, and can wash a king size comforter with ease. This has dramatically decreased the amount of time we spend doing laundry, and I have no doubt has been friendlier to our energy costs. When shopping for a new wash-dryer set, definitely take into account capacity and what will best suit your needs.

Source: The Home Depot

Source: The Home Depot

Have you heard about the benefits of purchasing an energy-efficient washer and dryer? This infographic below can do some explaining.

And if your washer and dryer ever break down in your newly renovated laundry room, don’t forget to use our directory to find an appliance repair specialist!


Strategic storage

Often the laundry room has to serve multiple purposes. For some, it’s also a mudroom, a storage room, or craft room, so create storage accordingly. Take stock of everything you need to store in your laundry room and design cabinets accordingly. It’s important you take inventory of the items you need to store first so you pick cabinets that will best work for your space. And don’t forget about how you’ll hang clothes for air-drying. This can be beautiful and functional too. As a contrast to some of the modern lines in my laundry room, we used a live-edge piece of wood and pipe rod from One Eleven Designs for a functional and decorative focal piece.

Pick cabinets that work best for your space and don't forget about how you'll hang clothes for air drying.

Pick cabinets that work best for your space and don’t forget about how you’ll hang clothes for air drying.

Wall storage for small supplies

A huge pain point for me before we renovated our laundry room was how to store small screws, tools and cleaning supplies I access often daily. Items would start out in plastic containers and then end up in a jumbled mess. Since installing the Zobal wall unit by Cutler Modern Living, organization is a breeze. Tracks installed on the wall can be customized with storage for a paper towel roll holder, hooks for bags, glass shelves for cleaning supplies, glass cups for small items and more. It’s really remarkable how much efficiency is increased when you don’t have to search for small items!

Using wall storage, efficiency is greatly increased when you don't have to search for small items.

Using wall storage, efficiency is greatly increased when you don’t have to search for small items.

If you’re having trouble finding the right products to get your home organized? Why not contact one of our decluttering and organization specialists who can assess your needs and get your space organized properly.

Functional Faucet

A pull-down spray faucet is pretty essential for cleaning up big messes and the design of these faucets are pretty beautiful today. In my laundry, we used the Sonla by Brizo. It’s a gorgeous unit as the pull-down piece is seamlessly concealed in the design of the faucet arc. With SmartTouch technology, where you can just tap the faucet for instant water flow, a faucet that makes clean up a breeze is an asset in your laundry room.

brizo faucet

Tiles for function and decor

Where water is concerned, ceramic tiles are a really functional material for laundry room backsplash and flooring. But it can also be just as beautiful as it is functional. Think about utilizing a patterned floor, or patterned backsplash to add visual interest. I created a herringbone pattern with 3 different colours of standard 12” x 24” ceramic tile. I mimicked the herringbone pattern in my backsplash in white for contrast to my cabinets and to not compete with my graphic floors. Since the laundry room is an area that doesn’t get lounged in and is mainly for utility, you can have a little fun, so don’t be afraid to take a few chances with pattern and texture.

simplicity laundry room

Install white subway tile on the walls for a simplistic look, and opt for a bold-looking floor.

Want to talk to the tiling experts about your next project? Our directory features a variety of tile and stone contractors. Visit a showroom to see sample upon sample of your favourite tile looks!

Ready to redecorate? We have a laundry list of experts who can help transform your laundry room into a proper space. Our interior designers and organization specialists would be happy to consult with you on your needs and wants for your new laundry room.

Lisa Canning runs Lisa Canning Interiors, specializing in 2-hour in-home interior design consultations in the GTA and beyond. She writes a lifestyle blog called Lisa Canning: Blueprints for a Beautiful Life, offering practical strategies for families to live lives that are as beautiful as they are organized.

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