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Decorate & design your home with feng-shui flare

Imagine if you could decorate and design your home in a way that would not only declutter your space, but help you live a decluttered, happier, more balanced life. Yoga, the exercise that’s been touted to strengthen and relax the mind, body and soul is the equivalent of feng-shui for homes. Design a more tranquil home – and life! – with the help of an interior designer.

The Chinese tradition aims to harmonize people with their milieus by balancing the five elements:

  • Fire;
  • Water;
  • Wood;
  • Earth;
  • Metal.

Houses, for example, are split into nine energy portals, and feng shui adherents believe balancing them bestows tangible benefits to those living within.

How feng-shui can declutter & design a peaceful home

Leon’s Furniture at the Roundhouse across the street from the Rogers Centre in Toronto hosted feng shui specialist Helen Peacock on June 27 to consult practitioners on how to achieve equilibrium first within individual rooms and then homes as a whole.

Here’s how it works:

Free-flowing energy throughout homes is central to feng-shui, and thusly promotes decluttering. One of the reasons relinquishing old items is important is because they create stagnant energy, says Peacock, who doesn’t consult clients unwilling to declutter.

“I call feng shui the new yoga,” said Peacock, referring to the ancient Indian practice’s recent explosion in popularity. “It’s a sacred space. With home décor, you want different shapes; you want to make sure your furniture isn’t close together because you want that flow. It’s the same thing with a master bedroom; you want to make sure there’s nothing under the bed so that the energy is flowing around the room. Even a spare bedroom that isn’t being used, go in and turn lights on and create movement, otherwise energy sits.”

Meet Helen!

Meet Helen!

Want to learn more about feng shui? Take a look at this video:

You don’t have to sacrifice your personal style in the process

Feng shui might be an ancient tradition, but that doesn’t mean followers must eschew contemporary design or decoration. Peacock says the only imperative is choosing items that are important to the person whose home they’re in. What you look at every day is what you take in, she said.

“The master bedroom is the most sacred space because of how much time you spend there,” she said. “Especially when you have a family, if mom and dad are happy then everything is good the next day.

“Feng shui can enhance everything of your well-being. If you want to enhance your abundance, or your health, or love and romance, or even career-wise — that all comes together. It’s not just about living in your space, it helps enhance your well-being.”

Great news! Feng shui can give you an opportunity to flex your creative muscles by buying some new pieces for your home. Find the nearest furniture store by looking at our directory of furniture and home accessories stores.

What do you think of these feng shui looks? Can you picture them in your home?

What do you think of these feng shui looks? Can you picture them in your home?

Case Study: It Works

Kasia Kudzma, a 34-year-old yoga practitioner and busy mother of two, came from Mississauga to experience yoga outside of a typical studio, and, perhaps most importantly, to find her zen.

“I came to take my time and to declutter my mind and my soul,” she said. “I’ve just feng-shuied my house eight months ago and I’ve noticed a huge difference. I have much more peace; the energy feels good and I have better sleeping and eating patterns. I’ve also found those with good energy tend to come around me and those who don’t necessarily align with my way of thought or my family’s way of thought don’t come around as much.”

Kudzma, like many attending the three 75-strong yoga classes at the event, brought pictures of their homes to seek Peacock’s expertise.

“Every time I go into a yoga studio or practice yoga at home, I just reconnect with myself and I’m ready to take on anything,” said Kudzma.

Laurie Campbell, one of the yoga instructors on hand at Leon’s, says that yoga facilitates internal harmony just as feng shui does externally. Conflating the two, she says, only makes sense.

“Stress affects how a lot of people experience happiness, and yoga is a direct outline to start to decrease our levels of stress,” said Campbell. “It gives us time for reflection and to stop the noise. It shows us what we need in our lives to be happy.”

Andrea Graham, Head of Marketing for Leon’s Furniture, said the company did research and found much of its clientage is comprised of busy parents. Promulgating the virtues of feng shui herself, Graham thought the event, Finding Your Zen, would be a great way to build awareness for the store, given its tucked away in the Roundhouse next to Steam Whistle brewery, and display its catalogue of furniture fit for condos – of which the store is surrounded by a deluge.

“I, through a friend, heard about Madame Feng Shui, Helen Peacock, and I’ve benefited from her free advice,” said Graham. “We did some research with our customers and a lot of them are busy moms and dads and we thought they could use some time to themselves. We have a couple of (model) rooms here that are feng shuied for their reference.”

Leons: Bringing together yoga and feng shui!

Leons: Bringing together yoga and feng shui!

How to get started

There are two fundamentals to feng shui: colour scheme and layout.

If you’re looking for love, you’ll want to center your room around the colour pink. If it’s wealth you seek, surround yourself with shades of purple. Below is a colour guide and an example of how you should layout your furniture to achieve the right balance of energy. By using colour in the right places, you can enhance your life’s energy and start living a more peaceful, relaxed life.

feng shui guide

Are you ready to feng shui your life and home? Start the design process by working with an interior designer! We have a directory of interior design and decor specialists who can transform your favourite spaces and change its energy.

About the Author: Neil Sharma is a Toronto Sun contributor.

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