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Decorate your drab outdoor concrete with Jewel Stone [VIDEO]

Many homes are built with concrete patios and walkways because it’s sturdy and durable. However, they flake and deteriorate over time, leaving an eyesore for the homeowner and a major renovation to fix it. Dolores Ursini, vice-president of DuROCK Alfacing International Ltd., tells us about a product designed to restore concrete to its original beauty: Jewel Stone.

Ursini describes Jewel Stone as an acrylic-modified, cement-based coating that can be used to restore and beautify old deteriorating concrete. “It’s ideal for walkways, terraces, patios, pool areas, or any industrial or recreational flooring that requires the look and performance of stone,” she says.

DuROCK’s product boasts many benefits. Ursini says Jewel Stone blends polymer resins with cement, sand and other additives to improve performance, wear resistance and aesthetic qualities. “It adheres well to existing concrete and resists damage from UV exposure, freeze-thaw conditions and abrasion,” she says of the product that can be over top concrete, masonry, wood, plaster or drywall.

It’s a versatile product

Jewel Stone can be coloured, textured and patterned to replicate a wide variety of finishes, including slate, flagstone, tile or wood plank. Plus, it comes in a combination of colours that will satisfy any homeowner’s individual taste and vision. Have fun when you decorate your home’s exterior!

jewel stone designs

It offers an opportunity to get creative

Not only does the Jewel Stone offers clients the ability to elevate the look and feel of their home by transforming concrete, but DuROCK can provide decorative stencils to create unique designs. “Stencils offer unlimited options for taking concrete to the next level,” she says, adding they can be custom designed and cut to meet every homeowner’s needs.

jewel stone product

It offers durability, even during harsh winters

Jewel Stone is an ideal choice for steps and patios since it can be customized to match the architecture and landscape of any home, says Ursini. “With the strength and ability to withstand the most extreme weather conditions, Jewel Stone can be applied to any exterior concrete slab to beautify it and add value to your home or property.” Ursini says once the product is sealed, it’s virtually water-impermeable. It’s perfect for use in areas where water would otherwise be a problem. Call DuROCK for a list of qualified installers in your area to start your new home makeover project.

This video features a ton of examples of homes and businesses that have been renovated with Jewel Stone. Take a look!

For more information on the Jewel Stone product and how it can transform your home, speak to an expert at DuROCK today! This concrete contractor can provide advice on making your outdoor spaces beautiful again.

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