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Decorate Your Home for Summer

The onset of summer means you’ll be trading out your wool sweaters and corduroy slacks for sandals, short-sleeved shirts and summer frocks. Why not do the same for your house? It doesn’t require a complete decor overhaul — although if you have the budget, why not indulge? For those who need to keep their purse strings tight, switching out some of the darker, heavier elements for lighter options is all you need to summer-up your home.


Heavy curtains and window treatments are a buzz kill come summer. June, July and August are the months you’re supposed to be letting the elements in, not shutting them out. You can trade out dark colors and heavy fabrics like cotton, wool and velvet for window treatments in sheer cotton or linen that are in light neutrals or pastels.


Nothing says summer like a little greenery. Though you may be focused on readying your backyard garden, it’s also important to add a little plant life inside your home. A few hanging plants and a lovely potted fern are a nice place to start, but to really celebrate summer, get creative and outfit your home to look like a proper garden oasis. This may take a green thumb to maintain, but you’ll end up with a cheerier home and cleaner air to boot.

Throw Pillows and Blankets

Fuzzy throw pillows and blankets can be a homeowner’s best friend in winter months, but once warmer temps hit they suddenly become nothing but a hot, itchy nuisance. Pack them away and pepper your room with lighter weight options. Think summery floral or polka dot printed shams made of linen or silk. Skip the blankets altogether, or stock options in chenille or Egyptian cotton for that cool, breezy evening.


Much like the throws and blankets in your living room, bedding that keeps you warm and toasty in the dead of winter can feel downright claustrophobic come mid-July. Once warmer temps hit, choose sheets and pillowcases constructed from cotton or jersey in fresh looking neutral colors. Ditch the blanket and add a lightweight goose down comforter or a super summery cotton seersucker bedspread like the one below.

Accent Pieces

Accent pieces like vases, bowls, baskets and lamps can easily become an oversight, when actually they’re one of the quickest and cheapest ways to take your home from one season to the next. Replace ceramic or wood vases and candlesticks with versions in clear or pearlized glass. Trade in decorative bowls for wicker baskets filled with seashells. Replace lampshades in dark colors or heavy patterns with options in simple neutrals or pastels. As a final touch replace family photos of ski trips or winter holidays with those of beach vacations and other summer fun.

Have any favorite summer decor secrets? Let us know in the comments space below.

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