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Decorating and designing the bedroom, a woman’s personal space

When interior designer and decor expert Jamie Alexander was approached to do a complete bedroom design, he took inspiration from an author who believes we all need that special place to rewind and refresh. Retrofitting your bedroom with the right furniture and home accessories is precisely how to do that! Here’s what Jamie has to say.

Drawing on inspiration

Author of A Room of Her Own: Women’s Personal Spaces, Chris Casson Madden shared the following philosophy in the introduction of her best-selling book:

“I have discovered that as much as we revel in the hard-won victories that have given us new freedoms in pursuing careers and in creating loving relationships, many of us long to find the time in a busy schedule to relax and refresh ourselves, body and spirit. I firmly believe that in order to give back to our relationships, careers, families, and passions, we must pull in for short moments to take care of ourselves, then we can return to the people and places of our lives renewed, refreshed, and ready to continue the drama of our days with all the joys, sorrows, pleasures, and stresses that go with it.”

We couldn’t agree more. This became the guiding principle for a bedroom project we were working on with a client recently. She was looking for that home away from home feeling, an element of escapism, calm, creature comforts and serenity. Essentially, a room of her own.

The bedroom transformation

The bedroom itself was a blank canvas, with closets on one side of the room, a bed and two windows on one wall.  Our challenge was to create that personalized boutique hotel environment that she could check into every night as she relaxed and took some time for herself.

As with all things in the world of design, we began with the idea that form follows function. To that end, we determined the most important element in the room was going to be the bed. We selected a beautifully upholstered leather headboard which allowed our client to sit up comfortably in bed to read a book or watch the television (opposite the bed) without requiring her to rely on an unwieldy stack of pillows for support.

Of course, we needed to ensure a good night’s sleep. So we sourced luxurious quality bedding and an excellent mattress suited specifically to our client’s sleeping habits. For depth, we wallpapered the wall directly behind the headboard with a subtle pattern and, on the wall opposite the bed, we incorporated a built-in ventless fireplace which instantly added, both literally and figuratively, warmth to the room.

HXJamie Alexander column (Aug 28 for Sept 4 Photo 3)

To the right of the bed we installed a dual purposed desk/makeup station so our client could easily get ready each morning in comfort. This also acted as a place where she could have her computer safely at her fingertips when the need arose. To keep her family close, we installed picture shelves beside that area. The closets, located on the opposite side of the room, were initially a long wall of plainness. In order to add dimension to the room, we installed new doors with frosted glass inserts. Behind the doors we added a series of lights that gave the room a feeling of having a balcony or an adjacent room, providing the overall feeling with a greater sense of vastness.

Next to the closets and beside the fireplace, we installed an inviting chaise. A place to relax, decompress and take a moment for herself, it also doubled as a place where she could lay out her outfit for the following day.

HXJamie Alexander column (Aug 28 for Sept 4 Photo 2)

While the room was filled with function and form, it also allowed our client the ideal opportunity to escape in her own room, away from the hustle and bustle of her family.

As much as I know all of you love to spend time with your families, it’s important to recognize the need for “me time”, and to have that special space that’s just for you to recharge your batteries in order to make the most of tomorrow. A little parental boutique all to yourself!

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About the Author: Jamie Alexander a principal of Peloso Alexander Interiors and co-designer of Glen & Jamie Designer Furniture.

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