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How To: Design a bedroom space for children

The bedroom is a private, quiet sanctuary. It’s your room, specifically designed to accommodate your needs. A child’s bedroom is no different. It should be properly decorated and furnished to suit their tastes and hobbies. An interior design and decor specialist can make all the difference in renovating your new space.

Over the years, I have been very fortunate to work on a multitude of fabulous children spaces. Working with children, young or older is something I always say keeps me on the edge of my creative toes, as I am working with little humans that are even more daring, creative, bold!

I thrive on keeping up with them. As exciting as it is to design wild, fun spaces, there are a few challenges we must keep in mind:

Keeping both parents and children happy

Parents have  two main goals in mind:

  • Make children happy;
  • Try to stay within a reasonable budget.

At our firm, we always make sure when working with our clients that our parents’ concerns are our first priority, and that criteria are met.

We are very conscious to ensure that our rooms are designed within an approved budget. We enjoy coming up with many creative ideas that completely wow the children and parents. Creating bold statements in wall features, contrast of colours, artwork can go a long way in creating interest in a room.

Keeping longevity and flexibility of design in mind

No matter the age, it is human nature to change our minds, tastes and preferences often. With children, that process happens about every 6 months or so! Therefore, our themed rooms are kept more vague.

A hockey fanatic boy for example was given a room with the colours of hockey with a grey wallpaper, blue and red accents reflective of his favourite team that will last a long time. Artwork with interchangeable creative is put on the walls so that it can change as he changes his mind.


Keeping practicality  and creativity hand in hand

Children need storage, seating, homework spaces and entertainment. In every room, whenever it allows, our company designs to incorporate those important elements while using little twists.

In awkward layouts, try to turn the challenges into strengths. In the example of this girl’s bedroom, there was a window on left wall, a door in the middle of the main wall, a closet on right wall and entry to the room on last wall.

To create a center focal point, we ignored the door in the middle and created a very whimsical super impactful statement wall with zig-zag colours. The room is now functional, and the creative element of the main wall completely takes our focus away from the door.


Spaces should reflect the children’s personalities

This is true of any space we design, but with children spaces even more! These parents of 3 children have completely different tastes, personalities and hobbies and we designed each of their rooms to suit each child’s personalities. A whimsical fun, bold and vibrant room for their 7 year old girl, a more mature, travel inspired bedroom for their studious older son, and  fun sports theme-inspired room for their middle son.

Each room in this home is equally interesting in textures, materials used, focal points and functionality with desks, reading areas to sit  and ample space to play. All criteria established by parents and children were met and we have one more happy family.

Does your child’s bedroom need decorating? Take a look at our directory of interior design and decor specialists who can transform the look and feel of your child’s bedroom, while satisfying their needs and yours. After all, the bedroom is a place for one to express themselves. Why not have a little fun?

About the Author: Catherine Lucie Horber is the owner of Royal Interior Design Ltd.

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