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Decorating your newly renovated home? Decorating & design mistakes to avoid

You’ve invested a lot of time and money into renovating your home with a general contractor and are ready to drop some serious money on new furniture and home accessories. Interior decorating is a fabulous way to express your style and taste, but are you doing it right? Here are the top decorating and design mistakes to avoid doing to your home!

Your lavish drapes puddle on the floor

Upgrade the look of your windows by having silk or satin drapes made and installed on each side. They really bring a unique look to the room. But there’s just one thing you should watch out for: make sure the drapes don’t touch the floor! After all, if you’ve paid for high quality panels, they’re likely very expensive and should be on the floor in the first place! Extra fabric on the floor doesn’t look appealing. Instead, make sure they just skim the floor for a cleaner look.

These drapes have the perfect hemline.

These drapes have the perfect hemline.

Rug placement

The right area rug can add character and texture to a room. It adds a decorative design flare to any space. But throwing the rug anywhere on the floor is a big decorating and design no-no. If you find yourself falling in love with a rug in a furniture store, but bring it home and notice it’s too small for the space, that doesn’t mean you have to return it. Instead of placing it in the middle of the floor, where it will look awkward floating in mid-air, consider placing it underneath a piece of furniture. It won’t look out of place. Rather, it will look grounded and blend in with your existing pieces.


Don’t fluff up those pillows

Pillows are a great accent piece that should be added to your couch or beds. While your accent pieces will likely be used for your comfort – propping up your legs or your head while you’re relaxing – they’ll look flat all the time. Not fluffing them up will make them look worn out and they’ll lose their aesthetically pleasing nature.

These pillows look like they've received a little TLC!

These pillows look like they’ve received a little TLC!

Clutter the space with knick knacks

You go on vacation and pick out the tackiest (or cutest!) knick knacks along the way because they’re souvenirs of a great trip! But putting all of them on display in your family room and they become more of an eyesore as opposed to a conversation starter. You’ve spent money and time not only buying furniture, but renovating your beautiful home. Show it off! Otherwise, your knick knacks will not only become the focal point in the room, but they’ll take your eyes away from the decor that really matters in the space!

These rooms strike a balance when it comes to clutter!

These rooms strike a balance when it comes to clutter!

Don’t accessorize with lighting

We cannot stress this enough: you’ve spent your money, you’ve spent time renovating your spaces. Now you need to show it off, but you haven’t invested in lighting. If that’s the case, we urge you to find a furniture and home accessories store in your neighbourhood and go buy some lamps right now! Your space should be adequately illuminated! Lighting sets the tone and ambiance of any room. It also lets you show off those beautiful accessories you’ve purchased!

lighting options

Still need some help decorating and designing your favourite spaces? We can put you in touch with the experts who have the knowledge and skills to transform any room! Consult our directory of interior design and decor specialists. We have the tools you need to make an informed decision: reviews, photo and video galleries. Good luck finding the right expert for your project!

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