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Adjust your home furniture with the wave of a hand? You can with this desk

The beauty of home automation is its ability to make your life easier. What if there was a piece of home furniture that you could adjust thanks to a sensor that follows your hand’s movements? Before you furnish your office space at any of these furniture stores, you must check this out.

Meet a new piece of home furniture – TableAir

According to Digital Trends, it’s a motorized variable-height desk. It’s retrofitted with sensors that enables you to adjust the table’s positioning based on your hand movements. To raise or adjust the height, simply hold your hand at the level you want it at, and the table will automatically rise to your desired height. It’s that simple! It can adjust to a height of 25 inches up to 51, so if there are multiple people in your home who will be using the desk, the can adjust it according to their heights, and so can you once they’re done.



Here’s how it works



Aside from waving your hand to adjust the height of the table, you can download the smartphone app that allows you to adjust TableAir remotely. You can change the LED lighting panels to different colours using the app.

While that all sounds cool, there’s a health benefit associated with a table like this. TableAir can function as a standing desk. While working at your brand new, automated desk, the app will track how many calories you’ve burned while standing.

It comes in different designs

Not interested in the white glossy desk? Opt for a black desk, or one made with a wood surface (think cherry and dark walnut finishes).

But here’s the catch

TableAir is based in the UK and they ship out chairs throughout Europe. However, they can ship to the US on special request. No word yet about shipping to Canada.

Looking for a super special desk for your home or office? Be sure to consult our directory for furniture and home accessories stores to find a desk that works for you and your home!

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