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How To: Transform your home with fall decor

Fall is here to stay! Well, until winter rolls around at least! While the cooler fall weather is expected to last another couple of months, why not get into the fall spirit and decorate your home to fit the season? Before you visit a furniture and home accessories shop, take a look at our advice for how to get your home fall-ready!

What constitutes fall decor, anyway?

When you think of Christmas or Easter, it’s easy to come up with decor items to buy. Santa Claus, the Easter bunny, presents and chocolate; all the inspiration comes from the holidays themselves. But fall isn’t a holiday – it’s a season, so how do you decorate for the season? Simple. Draw upon inspiration from the outdoors:

  • Leaves;
  • Pumpkins;
  • Deer;
  • Pine cones;
  • Seasonal fruit (squash);
  • Burlap;
  • …and the list can go on!

Each of these items represents the fall season in some way. And they’re commonly found in furniture shops near you! Now, here’s how to incorporate all these beautiful pieces in your home to give it the fall look it deserves this time of year!

Your front door needs dressing

When it comes to home decor, most people think about the INSIDE of the house only as opposed to the outdoors. But why not start with the outdoors? After all, that’s the first thing people are going to see of your home anyway! Put your DIY skills to the test by making your very own outdoor wreath. Visit a furniture and home accessories store to buy the circular base, and customize the  look of your wreath by wrapping burlap around it. Once that’s done, take a glue gun (or super strong cool glue) and glue your favourite accessories to it. If the store has little pumpkins, you can arrange them neatly on the wreath’s base or burlap. You could even do the same with pine cones.

Alternatively, you can use burlap to hang the wreath on your front door! When it comes to fall decor, there are endless possibilities!

Take a look at these wreaths for inspiration!


Speaking of the outdoors…

You can have a heyday when it comes to fall decor – literally! Visit your nearest furniture store to buy stacks of hay (not the real thing, of course!) and arrange them around your front patio and entryway. Instead of opting for the fake, plastic pumpkins, purchase real pumpkins and scatter them around the hay pieces. Once that’s done, add some accessories. Instead of filling your planters with more plants, fill them up with plastic fruit, pumpkins, or both! It’ll create a really neat and colourful visual. Finally, we recommend buying a cute scarecrow and sitting it on top of the hay (maybe add some support so it doesn’t fly away with the wind!) and you’re set.


Have a throw down – with pillows

Seasons and holidays come and go. We’re not suggesting that you update your home’s furniture to reflect seasonal changes. Instead, incorporate the season’s colours into your home’s decor. Buy a throw pillow or blanket in fall colours – think rich orange and a deep burgundy! The colours will give your home that feeling that fall has arrived. Plus, it’ll give you the comfortable accessories you need to huddle up on the couch when it’s chilly outdoors!

fall decor

Create a bountiful display

Fall is not only significant because the season itself is changing, but Thanksgiving is around the corner! What better reason to decorate? Earlier on, we talked about seasonal fruit that represent the season. Taking a glass bowl, or using a wooden tray, create an arrangement of fake fruit and/or pumpkins. Place it in your foyer, or in the middle of your kitchen table to bring the fall season right into your home.


Take this inspiration to the store when you go accessories shopping! Don’t forget to use our directory to find a store to shop at.

Fill up jars and lanterns

Jars and lanterns are like a blank slate – they’re pieces of home decor waiting to be customized to the season. Taking all this information in, head to the nearest furniture and home accessories store and pick up some of these beauties.

Next, fill them up! Add colourful potpourri to the jars, and fill the lanterns with leaves, pumpkins, or orange candles and light them up! Take a look at these images for some inspiration:

home accessories

The fall season comes and goes quickly, which is why we recommend you head to your nearest accessories store to stock up on the beautiful fall decor these shops have to offer!

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