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Create a rustic cottage look with a side of industrial chic in the heart of the city

Living in city, but wish your home could have that rustic cottage feel? Your home’s coordinates shouldn’t prevent you from having the style of home you desire! The experts at  Reno and Decor Magazine show us how it’s done. Once you’re inspired, head to a furniture and home accessories store near you to get shopping!

Who says you can’t have your cottage and live in the city too? Actually, I suppose Eva Gabor said it, but that was so long ago. More often these days, we strive to get away and escape the craziness of our daily lives, just to relax and defragment our brains in the quiet of a small, cozy cabin in the woods. But the reality is that most of us don’t have that second home in the Muskokas.

No Cottage, No Problem

If you adore a penthouse view, but also love that far-and-wide land-spreading view, then take a seat and relax in this city-mouse-meets-country-mouse bedroom. With the large influx of the restored factory-style lofts, the exposed pipes and ductwork often minimize design choices, and we adhere to the more modern and minimal. Or at least that’s what we once thought. Why not mix the country and city together?

Rustic Cottage & Industrial Flare Come Togethercottage

The owner of this space wanted exactly that. He works and lives within the frantic hustle-and-bustle of the city and prefers an open-concept layout with exposed brick and pipes, but he also likes that old-school, woodsman vibe of the “Lumbersexual” look that is absolutely everywhere these days.

The trick here is to use the industrial bones of the space and surround it with warmer, more rustic and vintage items.

  • A desk was placed beside the bed, in front of one of the air ducts, and doubles as a nightstand;
  • A chrome-and glass twig table is on the other side;
  • We flanked the bed with two very opposing styles of art on the wall. This helps to cancel out the giant air ducts by making them almost disappear, but it still allows them to be there as part of the intended view.

And what about that amazing bed? It really commands attention and creates a marvellous focal point in the room. It also creates a warm and cozy feel, like snuggling up in the blankets with the smell of peameal bacon sizzling on a wood stove.

How do you do it?

A favourite strategy is to mix patterns that shouldn’t be combined but somehow work when put together. The trick to this is to make sure the scale of the patterns is quite different from each other. In this case, we used a very small navy gingham fabric for the inside of the eight-foot headboard and then wrapped the sides and back with a largerscale red plaid. The headboard wraps around you like a big ol’ lumberjack protecting you from the cold. Let’s just stay under the covers for a bit longer, shall we?

The heritage maple side and foot rails are joined at the front corners with custom-made ball and claw feet that are painted out in Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch in ‘satin heirloom white.’ Mixing fabric and wood together in one large furniture piece is another favourite design trick; mixing mediums evokes custom and bespoke.

The original hardwood floors were sanded down and clear-coated to allow all the weathered scrapes and bumps to show through. Then a couple of rugs were placed under the bed to counter the coldness against the feet.


Desk:; Wool blanket:; Rug:; Bed:

Want to recreate this rustic cottage look in your own home? We have an extensive directory of  furniture and home accessories stores. Our directory will show locations nearest to you, where you can start perfecting your spaces with a rustic cottage look. Who needs a cottage when you can have that feel right in your own home?

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