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Unconventional ways to add art to your walls and ceilings

Painted accent walls are a thing of the past when you have these great ideas that add more dimension to a room. Interior design specialist Catherine Lucie-Horber tells us about you can transform any wall or ceiling in your home with these stunning ideas.

When trying to explain to my clients the sequence of priorities in a room, I always like to use the analogy of going to a wedding: There are elements  that are a must, like putting on a beautiful dress and shoes. Others are just a bonus, like putting your hair up instead of down or adding  jewelry.

In a room, I consider the main furniture, décor, drapery, artwork and accessories as the main outfit. The rest is like jewelry. Those details can usually be added later into the space as a phase 2 renovation since they can be quite costly – but so worth it – in many cases.

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Waffled ceilings

Big square boxes with crown moulding inside each one in the shape of a waffle on the ceiling really give an extra depth to the ceilings and interest in any room. Living room or bedroom, it adds much elegance regardless of where it is applied.


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Applied moulding

This is a very subtle, easy and affordable detail that can go a long way in adding value to your space. It adds instant interest to any wall and the illusion of  height and grandness. It’s also a great way to help position artwork within it.


Background for walls & textures

Many finishes can be used to add interest to walls.  A beautiful mirrored backdrop with added trim details can be very elegant and double your space. Stone, tiles or brick give a huge impact and texture to a wall. You can use big thick wood floor planks as a unique way to create a focal point.

Wallpaper is probably the easiest way. It comes in a million different shapes, styles and colours. All of these options are fun and impactful and should be considered adding as a focal point of interest in a main room.


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Wainscoting and applied mouldings look great when added most anywhere. It can be painted white or stained in a natural wood colour. Either way, it’s an application that helps embellish a space. It could be in a hallway or more formal spaces like a dining room. Wainscoting is an easy way to add richness, texture and elegance to any wall.

wainscoting wall

Wainscoting isn’t an easy DIY project. That’s why we have a directory of general contractors who specialize in this type of work!

Elements of style

Whether it’s the ceiling or walls of your home, don’t underestimate the power they may have when using them to add texture, elegance and impact in your home.

  • Use wallpaper on the ceiling in powder bathrooms or dining rooms for added drama;
  • Consider faux wallpapers in lieu of wainscoting for a quick more affordable option.

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Authored By: Catherine Lucie-Horber.

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