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The Mercer. The Design Agency

What was the client’s objective for this residence?

When we were brought into the project, the 8 Mercer had already gone to market, but the client felt that the design direction needed to be revamped.  Graywood brought us in to create an exciting, modern, and contextual project that played off the energy of the theatre district and resonated with the Peter Street Cultural Corridor.

Where did you pull your design inspiration?

As part of the exercise, inspiration was drawn from the city, and the demographic of the clientele moving downtown.  This meant creating inviting and warm spaces that had a certain energy and excitement to it.  In many ways allowing the resident to be immersed in the city and to also find quiet and solitude within their units.


Were any unexpected elements incorporated into the design?

One of the main design features that we developed was an amazing outdoor living space on the 6th floor podium.  It plays off the concept of time and day.  It’s an outdoor space designed to maximize sunlight exposure and oriented to line up with True North.  Custom lighting features, an outdoor projection wall, water feature and an outdoor kitchen and games area makes this design truly unique and an unexpected feature in a downtown Toronto condo.


What element do you feel makes the strongest statement in the living space?

The kitchen is certainly the focus of attention in any condo space.  The majority of your time is spent in the kitchen, especially when entertaining, so it definitely has to be well designed and thought out.


What did you hope to achieve in this space?

The concept of kitchen living was important to the overall design of the space.  Creating a close relationship between the kitchen and living room was key to this concept.  Bookshelves in the kitchen island, as well as extending the island into the living room allows for a synergistic approach to these traditionally separate spaces.


How did the design experience compare to your typical design projects?

It was great to be brought in at the very beginning and work in a collaborative effort to create the Mercer identity.  The client (Graywood Developments and Beaverhall Homes) was very open and forward thinking allowing us to develop a great design vocabulary for the project.


Did you have to adjust your approach in any way?

The most important thing for us was hitting the mark on this, so there was some pressure in making sure that when we were involved on this building site’s second life, we got it right.



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