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Design Basics | Time to show your true colours

Colour is undoubtedly the most impactful way to add life and vitality to an uninspiring room. Colour is so powerful that it can transform the quality of a room in terms of mood and proportion, improving the quality of its occupant’s lives. A daring colour could be a dark shade or a bold bright, but whether its dark or bold, colour is all about balance and proportion. Get the interior design tips to create a modern room using colour.

There’s so much that needs to be considered when selecting a paint colour. We use colour to make a small room look large and spacious, or to make a large room feel smaller and intimate. Believe it or not, paint is the last element that I choose when decorating a space because my inspiration comes from the room’s environment, including the architecture, furniture, lighting, drapes, rugs, etc. If you think about it, it’s much easier to match a paint chip to a fabric than the other way around.  Many people make the mistake of painting the walls first, designing their room around a $70 can of paint.

So before playing with the palette, it’s also important to understand what I call the “tonal value” of colour. Tone describes the lightness or darkness, which is altered by the addition of black or white. To translate colour into tone is to imagine the room as it would be seen in a black and white photograph. If it were all the same tonal value, the picture would appear completely flat. Tone shapes the layers of the space, while colour creates the atmosphere.

Next, consider how much natural light the room receives. A room flooded with sunlight will always look great in a rich, bold colour where a room with less light warrants a light colour. Whether warming up a north-facing room or cooling down the south facing one, all can be accomplished through the subtle use of colour.

Aside from dazzling your guests with striking colour foundations your space will feel classy, elegant, inviting and cozy….a wow-worthy space full of character that showcases your furniture, lighting and accessories. So this fall turn your ordinary rooms into extraordinary spaces by using some daring colour.  Be bold!

Interior Design Tips:

  • Unite ceiling and walls with a single colour contrasting with white trim, keeping all the other elements in the room minimalistic and neutral.  You may think using one colour is boring. But in fact, it is quite the opposite because of the variety of tones.
  • To create the illusion that your room extends on and on in every direction, pick similar colours for the walls, trim and doors.
  • A recipe for a winning combo is to pick shades from the same sample colour strip.
  • A splash of colour adds dimensions, making a small room seem larger.

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