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Design Trends Homeowners May Come to Regret

What do mirrored ceilings, carpeted bathrooms, tile countertops, and popcorn ceilings have in common? They’re among the most regrettable high-commitment trends in interior design. Painting your living room in the colour of the year or going overboard with rose gold and marble accessories is something that can easily be remedied when no longer in style. These are relatively low-commitment ways to embrace a trend. However, when homeowners choose to go all-in on high-commitment trends, they can come to have serious regrets before too long.

There are several high-commitment trends of the last few years that are showing signs of being on their way out.

Barn Doors

Remember when barn doors first appeared a few years back? They were different, stylish, and offered the reduced footprint of a pocket door at a fraction of the price. Absolutely everyone loved this trend. In fact, it went beyond closets and interior doors and made its way onto furniture and DIY TV enclosures.

This trend seemed to have peaked back in 2016 and has been quickly winding down ever since. Unfortunately, replacing doors isn’t always the most budget-friendly project, especially if several doors will need to be replaced.  If you’re looking for a DIY solution, you may be dismayed to learn that while there are hundreds of solutions for converting a standard door into a barn door, there are few if any on conversions in the opposite direction.


Here’s the thing, reclaimed wood walls and shiplap paneling both have their place in certain homes. The problem is that when these wall treatments went full pop culture, they were taken completely out of context and placed in spaces where they didn’t make sense.

While those who have embraced shiplap-heavy styles like farmhouse and coastal may certainly still love the look, when it comes time to sell their home this very specific look can be a big turn off for potential buyers.

Open Kitchen Shelving

Ripping out your kitchen cabinets and replacing them with open shelving is a big decision. If you come to regret that decision, it can end up costing you big bucks to repair the error, since cabinets are often the most expensive part of a kitchen renovation. This is definitely one of those trends that you must be 100% certain about. While they may afford an open, unencumbered look, opting for open shelves requires a serious edit of your things, since it reduces the storage space in your kitchen. It also means keeping the shelves neat and tidy … and dusting. So much dusting!


Open Floor Plans

Yes, homes with open floor plans are generally stunning to look at…but when it comes to living in them it can be a different story. The beauty of rooms of that doors can be closed, sounds can be dampened, and messes can be hidden away. It can also be challenging for many people to place furniture and art in rooms with limited walls.

There’s a good chance that the open concept home will be around for many years to come. However, there are also many homeowners who will come to regret tearing down those walls.

If you have reno regrets, there’s no need to live with them. Contact a local contractor to learn more about your options.


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