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Designing your space from the bottom up!

When designing a space many of us look for inspiration in fabrics , colours, why not look down and get inspired by your flooring!    It may be a bit unconventional to imagine that flooring could in fact be the root of the design for your room, but with today’s flooring options it’s definitely a possibility.

Over recent years we have been seeing many wonderful styles of flooring introduced, from beautifully distressed woods to wide plank, from elegant exotic species to a throw-back to vintage inspired flooring.  This year you will continue to see many of these popular looks along with the some great new colours  and flooring that excel now in beauty and durability.

As a designer, one of my personal favourites for flooring is the ever-trending  “distressed” look.  Expanding on this renowned flooring brand Kentwood has recently launched their new Milltown Collection.   This one-of-a-kind line of hardwood flooring highlights the ever popular raw, rustic aesthetic we so crave while adding a refined new edge which they have achieved through the application of saw marks to the surface of each hardwood oak plank.  The result is perfect imperfection!  This imperfection is further enhanced by the heightened durability of this product.  Because of the weathered surface prevalent in the Milltown Collection, these floors can and will take all that is thrown at them while actually improving with age.

The distressed, weather style of flooring is a wonderful enhancement to any room, and lends itself beautifully to many different design aesthetics whether urban, luxury or relaxed country-chic.  So, the question remains, how do we find our inspiration in flooring to be able to design our room from the bottom up.  Well let’s start this way.

Envision a beautifully distressed hardwood floor in a great weathered shade of light brown with accents of ashen greys, like “Brushed Oak Cherbourg”

from this new collection . Reminiscent of aged vintage flooring found in an old Parisian apartment.  Now, add in some wonderful custom millwork, beautiful plaster moulding ceiling detail and a charming  chandelier…are we seeing a picture here?  Play off this vintage look by adding a simple tailored sofa, Scandinavian inspired chairs, perhaps a rustic looking coffee table and some great pops of colour with accessories creating for yourself an elevated yet relaxed living space all inspired by our distressed hardwood flooring.

But let’s not stop there, this distressed hardwood flooring has many lives and looks to offer us.  This same flooring can inspire a typical urban kitchen to have a more relaxed, country feel.  When blended with warm mixed metals, a mix of soft grey and wood toned cabinetry you are on the way to creating a great kitchen space to enjoy.

Inspiration can be found everywhere.  This year is all about  texture , colour, pattern, all key element of good design.  Instead of starting your next possible renovation with a style of kitchen cabinetry or a paint colour, try and look to what your floors have to offer…you may just be surprised with the results.

Author: Linda Mazur

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