DIY: Clean Your Exterior Windows

Now that winter is slowly coming to an end, it’s time to lift up the window shades, pull the drapes back and enjoy the sunny view – unless your windows are coated with dirt and grime! With spring finally upon us, so what better time to clean your exterior windows than now? We have the tips and tricks you need to get them sparkling again. Don’t worry – we’ll keep you safe from heights!

What you’ll need

While we can’t clean your windows for you, we can tell you what you need before you start this DIY project:

  • Professional window cleaning kit – includes 8 ft. pole to reach high windows, squeegee and sponge
  • Window cleaning solution
  • Square bucket
  • Damp cloth

Here’s an estimated breakdown of how much the materials will cost:

EquipmentEstimated Cost
Professional Window Cleaning Kit$85
Cleaning Solution$6 per bottle
Bucket$3 each
Cloths$10 for a pack of 20
Estimated Total Project Cost$104

Note: Your window cleaning kit should allow you to attach the squeegee blade on the other side of the sponge so you’re not changing the squeegee and sponge every few minutes.

Solution #1

  • 1 tablespoon liquid washing detergent
  • 1 quart of water

Solution #2

  • 2 to 3 tablespoons of corn starch
  • 1 quart water

Solution #3

  • 2 tablespoons of white vinegar
  • 2 quarts of water

Mix each solution thoroughly.

Cleaning the exterior windows of your home

Now that you’re armed with the right tools, it’s time to clean those windows!

  • Fill up your bucket with the cleaning solution of your choice.
  • Attach the sponge to the extension pole and dip it in the bucket. Squeeze excess water from the scrubber.
  • Scrub the glass window. Make sure to cover every angle and edge.
  • Once you’ve cleaned the window, use the squeegee to dry off the water and cleaning solution. Tip the squeegee so it reaches the corner of the glass.
  • Starting at the top corner, press the blade against the glass in the upper corner and pull it steadily across the window.
  • In between each swipe, wipe the blade on a clean cloth. Repeat the motion until the entire window is clean.
  • For windows that are within your reach, take a dry cloth and wipe excess water from the window.

Follow these same steps to clean the inside of your windows. But be careful! If you’re working outside, at least excess water will land on the grass or pavement.

And voila! Your windows are ready to go.

Need some inspiration? Watch this DIYer clean his exterior windows without using a ladder:

Ready to get cleaning?

With a list of material, estimated project cost and tips on how to clean the exterior windows, we hope we’ve prepared you for this DIY. Here are just a few more things to keep in mind during the process:

  1. Don’t clean the windows in direct sunlight, as they’ll dry too fast and streak, making your hard work all for not.
  2. Wash the exterior windows with a hose or clean water to remove grease and grime before you apply the cleaning solution on a squeegee or sponge.
  3. Change the water you’re using often so you’re not always dipping the sponge in dirty water before it’s applied to a window.
  4. When buying dry cloths, purchase micro-fiber ones, as the material will work well in absorbing water.
  5. When you throw them in the washer, don’t use fabric softener. This reduces absorbency.


Don’t have time to get your widows spring-ready? That’s no problem. We have a long list of window cleaning experts who can help. Scroll through reviews, ratings and image galleries. After you’ve hired an expert, why not write a review about them on our website? We love hearing from our readers!

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