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DIY furniture projects that actually look doable!

The idea of creating DIY furniture can be intimidating. In fact, some people have a  hard enough time assembling something ready made from the store. However, did you know that there was a time when building your own furniture was actually fairly common? People (usually guys) took wood shop in school and every home had a workshop to tinker in.

These days, furniture making seems to be an art both lost and found.  While it isn’t as common as it was generations ago, furniture-building is slowly gaining more popularity as a hobby among both women and men.

If you Google furniture building, you’ll find no shortage of  video tutorials and building plans, while Pinterest features countless photogenic how-tos.  The problem however, is that many of these projects are often too involved for a first-timer. They often require a certain level of know-how, which is fine for more experienced builders. But what about someone who is just starting out?

Fortunately, there are plenty of beginner-level plans out there. Here are a few that you can take on this weekend.

The Farmhouse-style Ikea hack


This project isn’t so much a build as it is an enhancement. However, it still involves wood and tools, so we’re including it in our list. All you need is a Lack or Hemnes table, some 1×4’s, stain and a few other things. Then next thing you know you’ll have an upcycled table worthy of HGTV’s Fixer Upper.  


Blanket Ladder

True, this is more decor than it is furniture. However, we think that this would make a very satisfying project for someone just starting out. It really doesn’t get any easier than this. Building a blanket ladder is an excellent project for someone who is brand new to building. It doesn’t require any complicated cuts or special tools.

Basic Bar Stools

For beginners who really want to get into a furniture-making project, these stools should certainly fit the bill. The project is easy enough for a first-timer to get good results, but challenging enough to provide a real sense of accomplishment once it’s been completed.

Easy Bistro Table

diy furniture

Source: Shabby Creek Cottage

It doesn’t take much money, time or experience to put this cute, little table together. Put this little table together and set it out on your porch or use it as an occasional table in the corner of a sunny room. We think it would be lovely mingled in with cottage style decor.

A smart-looking bookshelf

For some reason, one of the most popular beginner DIY furniture projects has always been the bookshelf. Perhaps it just looks more substantial than anything else, while remaining easy enough to DIY without a lot of experience. This tutorial from Adventures of a DIY mom certainly makes it looks easy enough.

Does building your own furniture sound a bit daunting? Why not start out small? Opt to try your hand at a small decorative piece like a picture frame, a small storage box or even a shelf. Once you get comfortable with the smaller items, you can begin to work your way up to furniture. Or seek out professional instruction from a woodworking class.

Of course, in the end, if DIY furniture building seems a bit too much for you to handle, you can always leave the woodworking to someone else. Lots of furniture stores have jumped onto the DIY-look/rustic/farmhouse trend, so you can definitely have the farmhouse table of your dreams without having to build it yourself.

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