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DIY towel rack with a built-in shelf!

When I was planning our guest bathroom makeover, I knew I had to get rid of the boring builder grade towel bar that hung on the wall. There was nothing wrong with it, but I just wanted a prettier place to hang towels. So, I went to my scrap wood pile and found a few pieces that I could put together to make my own!

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to spruce up your bathroom, then this DIY towel rack with a shelf is the perfect project!

Step 1: Construct it!

I really didn’t have a plan of what I wanted to do, but I knew I wanted something simple and with a shelf. I had a bunch of 1×3’s and 1×4’s laying around, so I cut one 1×4 and three 1×3’s to be 16 inches long. I sanded the edges down so they were smooth, and gently sanded over the top of each board, too.

Small pieces like this are super easy to work with.

Small pieces like this are super easy to work with.

My 1×4 was going to be my shelf, so I used some wood glue and glued my 1×3’s together and used clamps to hold them in place while they dried.



Once dry, I sanded down any extra dried glue and painted the 1×3’s and the 1×4 with white paint. I realized as I was putting it together that since my shelf would be shallow, I’d need something to hold pictures or knick knacks on without them falling off. I ended up using a 1/4 inch balsa wood stick and cut it to 16 inches as well. This would act as a “ledge” to keep things from falling off. I also painted it white to match the rest of the wood.


After the paint dried, my hubby helped me put the shelf all together. Using a few long nails, we nailed down the 1×4 to the top of the 1×3’s. We used more wood glue to attach the balsa wood stick to the edge of the shelf and clamped it while it dried.



After the glue dried, my hubby drilled on some hardware. We used these gorgeous ball end, two-prong oil rubbed bronze hooks They are beautiful and perfect for hanging towels.


My hubby really wanted to make sure this was sturdy and stayed put on the wall, so he opted to use a couple of long wood screws to attach the whole shelf to the wall. Worked perfectly, and I just painted over the screw heads with white paint to help it blend in!


And that’s it! Soooo much better than the boring towel bar. This has so much more character, and how it acts as a little shelf, too!

I just love the finished product with decor on the shelf and towels hung and ready for guests.

diy rack

Seriously, these are just so pretty! I love how they contrast with the white. Have a fabulous week!

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