DIY Valentines Day Gifts on a Budget

Sifting through jewelry and chocolate Valentine’s Day gift ideas can leave you feeling like a deeper sentiment is missing. For a budget-friendly present that speaks from the heart, skip the store search and consider doing something extra special at home. Whether it’s addressing a long-forgotten project or creating a love nest for the day with handmade décor, the thoughtfulness that goes into a DIY gift holds immeasurable value when it comes to showing someone how much you care.

Romantic Valentine’s Day Table

Before you sit down for a special meal, dress up your table for a visual experience as indulgent and lovely as the day itself.


For an elegant (and partially edible) DIY centerpiece, fill a large, clear, cylinder glass vase three-quarters to the top with candies. To create a soft effect, use pastel conversation hearts and carefully add an arrangement of pale flowers, such as peach and white tulips or roses. For a bolder appearance, use marshmellows, red jelly beans or hard-shell candies and red flowers.

Place Settings

Start by covering the table with a white or pink tablecloth. White dinnerware and clear crystal glasses set the stage. Stack a white bowl atop a white plate and place a folded pink or white napkin within the bowl – a clean rectangular fold is perfect. Next, cut out a paper heart approximately 3 inches x 3 inches in any colour you prefer – pink or red is classic, but natural hues, such as cream or tan, lend an elegant touch. With a black felt pen, write a cute message, such as “Be Mine.” Wrap a piece of twine or white fabric ribbon around the base of the bowl, finishing with a bow over the napkin and heart for a polished appeal. For the finishing touch, cut out 30 to 40 hearts in various sizes from tissue paper in red, pink or white and adorn the rest of the table with them as you would with rose petals.

Time For Some Bubbly

No, not the usual champagne. Run a bubble bath for your loved one and light some candles but only after you have given the gift of DIY renovation. Give the bathroom a facelift by resurfacing a sink that has seen better days! It’s simple:

Clean the sink with trisodium phosphate cleanser and steel wool. Rinse thoroughly and dry with clean towels. Sand the rest of the current finish from your sink with sand paper until the entire surface is rough to the touch. Cover the area surrounding your sink with tape and masking paper. Wearing a protective ventilator mask, thoroughly spray the sink with epoxy primer to create an even surface. After one to two hours, when the primer is dry, apply an epoxy paint to complete the resurfacing project. Leave the sink to dry for approximately three hours, remove the masking paper and tape and you’re done. Or you can call in a handyman or a bathroom refinishing specialist to do the work for you.

Use-It-Anywhere Wall Décor

The natural beauty of a real flower Valentine’s Day wreath is a wonderful way to say “I love you” in any area of your home, from the front door to a bedroom wall.

You will need:

A 12-inch floral foam wreath ring (heart-shaped)
Florist’s wire
Several dozen small flowers

Start by soaking your form in cool water for a half an hour and then drain the excess water. While the form soaks, make a diagonal stem cut approximately 2 inches behind the heads of your flowers. Thread a piece of florist’s wire around the top centre of the foam, securing both ends by twisting them together to create a loop for hanging. Insert the cut flowers into the foam on different angles to completely cover the foam and your wreath is complete. Maintain this gift by re-soaking the wreath for five minutes and re-draining once every three to five days.
The old saying “home is where the heart is” couldn’t be truer than on Valentine’s Day. Show off your intuitive – and creative – gift-giving skills this holiday with a DIY gift that makes your home that much cozier and your significant other that much happier.

By Tarah Damask

Do you have a do-it-yourself Valentine’s Day  idea? Tell us about it in the comment section below.

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