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Do You Need The Services of an Architect?

Most homeowners feel that working with a good general contractor is enough insurance that their new home or remodel will go according to plan. Using an architect seems like an unnecessary cost – why pay for these services when your contractor can do things just as well? Actually, there are some pretty compelling reasons that Oakville homeowners should work with a skilled architect. What should you know?

Identifying Problems before They’re Problems

An architect goes to work before the first shovelful of dirt is moved and before the first nail is hammered home. The most important benefit of this is that you and your architect will be able to identify potential problems and pitfalls with your design (whether that’s a new home or an addition) before they become real world issues that cost time and money to fix.

Working with an architect can ensure that you are able to find viable workarounds for problems that will crop up during the construction process. No project goes 100% according to plan – that’s a given. However, when you are forced to deal with a problem during the actual construction process, it can take an immense amount of time to deal with, which sets your completion date back. In addition, if the problem lies in some part of the home or addition that has already been constructed, it takes time and money to go back and fix it. Working with an architect beforehand helps you avoid these costs.

Economic Benefits of Material, Finish and Fixtures

While a good general contractor can give you a great deal of information about what materials, finishes and fixtures to use in your home to meet your needs, a good architect can go you one better. These professionals can help you understand the both the long and short-term benefits (or disadvantages) of construction materials, finishes and fixtures used in your project. This can help ensure that you are able to save the most money over the life of your home, even if it might cost a bit more at the outset.

Alternative Options

Finally, a skilled architect will develop alternative plans for your consideration. These might offer better usability, better cost effectiveness or some other advantage. The key is that these are likely things that you would not have seen on your own. While using an architect is usually optional, there are some good reasons to consider doing so.

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