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Does Your Home Have a Pest Problem?

Pests are a problem throughout – homes can have all kinds of problems with pests, ranging from insects to animals. Knowing how to deal with pest control issues is your best defence when a problem strikes. Whether you find ants in your kitchen or squirrels in your attic, knowing the first steps to take can make the difference between being stressed out and finding a solution that works for you.


Obviously, if you are dealing with an insect problem, whether it’s a small-scale invasion or a large infestation, having the contact information for a reputable exterminator is an essential consideration. You need to know what exterminators operate in your area, as well as what they offer. There are several things that separate good exterminators from poorer options.

Environmental concerns are paramount here. These apply to more than just the environment, though. They apply to the health and wellness of your family. While chemical pesticides applied by an exterminator will certainly rid you of your pest problem, they can also cause health concerns for you, your family and your pets. One good option is to locate a company that uses nontoxic pest control products. These will kill off the insects, but are far safer for you and your loved ones.

Another concern here is the potential harm that outdoor application of commercial pesticides might cause. For instance, if your exterminator sprays around the base of your home with harsh chemicals, then those chemicals are going to drain into the yard and surrounding area with the rain. This can cause harm to area wildlife and beneficial insects that you actually want in your yard.

DIY Pest Control

Of course, you can often tackle insect infestations on your own. Store-bought insecticides, traps and other solutions are widely available, though all have varying degrees of effectiveness. If you choose to go the DIY route, understand that these are always less effective than professional services. In addition, they are often no safer than commercial companies, as the poisons and toxins here can still be harmful to your family, particularly in products like foggers.

Making Your Choice

The best option is to consider the size and type of your infestation (for instance, termites are almost impossible to eliminate on your own) and then determine whether to go the DIY route or to hire a professional. Professional exterminators can be expensive, but they’re usually worth the cost.

Are you ready to get started? Take a look at eieihome’s directory of pest control contractors.

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