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Don’t be a home decor style victim

We’ve all done it. Overdosed on HGTV and decided that we MUST have a gourmet chef’s kitchen complete with commercial grade appliances or NEED to embrace the latest home decor trend – whether that means painting the dining room turquoise or upholstering the walls velvet.

Especially for people who live in condos, a few personal touches go a long way in making your home uniquely your own – and different from your neighbors to the left and right. Similarly, opting for personal touches will inject much needed personality into your space. Keep in mind that trends come and go but personal style stands the test of time.

In my home, one of my favorite pieces is an authentic bronze lotus flower incense burner that I spotted at a local merchants market in Bhutan – not only is it totally unique and never fails to turn heads but it also comes with a great story that gives my guests a glimpse of who I am and some of the wonderful places that I’ve been lucky enough to visit.

There is no better way to make a personal statement than by showcasing your photos and found objects so get creative! Not only will this personalize your space but these pieces serve as excellent conversation starters that showcase your passions.

A few ideas on getting personal:

  • Create a photo wall: This is the perfect opportunity to get your photos from Facebook and Instagram onto your walls. Print out your favorite photos in black and white, crop and enlarge until you get the desired image. By displaying a series of photos and frames in different sizes, you create a custom composition of your life.
  • Curate your found objects: If you are an avid traveler and collect souvenirs from places you visit, find an area where you can display items individually and showcase them as art.  For example, if you traveled to Indonesia and purchased a wood carved figurine put it on display on a console table or pedestal along with other items – let the items tell a visual story about your travels. You can also use spot lighting to create a gallery feel – the items don’t need to be expensive to look priceless.
  • Artwork for the walls: When selecting artwork, it’s important to choose pieces that speak to you and have meaning. Don’t buy generic art that you think is neutral enough to go with everything. Instead, opt for pieces that say something about you or why you appreciate what the artist is saying. An over scaled piece with bold colours tends to look the most gallery-like and can work as a standalone piece, separate from the surrounding décor and colour scheme.
  • Colour your space: People always ask me about the “hot colours” and my answer is always “What’s your favorite colour?” If your favorite colour is purple but you are afraid of having such a bold colour in your place, don’t be!  Most colours have very sophisticated shades that you can use strategically around your home. Begin with a neutral palette and add colour through accessories, rugs, and art.

Don’t be afraid of self-expression in your own space! Remember that you are your own worst critic and most people will appreciate your confidence in making some bold décor choices, especially if there is a story behind it.

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