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Don’t let your neighbour fix your refrigerator

Don’t let your neighbour fix your refrigerator …that also goes for your brother-in-law, coworker’s spouse, second cousin’s ex, or anyone else who isn’t a qualified to provide appliance repair.

Every day, Canadian homeowners are subject to shoddy repair work and shady business practices by sometimes well-meaning (sometimes not so well-meaning) individuals who claim that they can repair broken appliances.  While, you may believe that choosing such a person will allow you to save money on the cost of repairs, the truth is that bad repair work will always cost you more in the long run.

Rather than gambling on a novice repairperson, your best bet is always to hire a qualified, experienced professional. Here’s how to choose the best appliance repair professional for the job.

Recommendations. Research. Reviews

The 3Rs of choosing a contractor will also be your best guide when it comes to selecting the right appliance repair professional.

Step #1 –Recommendations: Understandably, if one of your appliances breaks down you’re going to be in a hurry to get it working again. However, don’t let this cause you to make a hasty choice. Research is absolutely key when it comes to choosing a repairperson who has the right qualifications and experience to ensure your work is completed correctly.

Start by asking friends, family and coworkers for recommendations. Ask if they’ve had work done and how it all went.  Was the technician on time? Were they polite and professional? Was the repair long-lasting? Word of mouth is always going to be a good idea when it comes to having work done in your home. However, don’t stop there!

It’s important that you view personal recommendations as nothing more than a jumping off point. This is particularly true if the work was done by someone they personally know (see paragraph 1).

Step #2Research: Take any recommendations you’ve received and add them to some thorough online research. Visit a site like for a quick and easily all-in-one spot to find the best local repair professionals in and around your home. There, you can view business profiles, access contact information, and browse images and articles detailing their expertise.

When you contact a few professionals, don’t be afraid to ask questions! Find out if they’re certified, licensed and insured!

It’s unfortunate, but so many homeowners actually feel uncomfortable about asking appliance repair professionals about their credentials. Don’t be! It’s your right to ask and doing so will only benefit you and your wallet in the end.

Step #3 –Reviews: One of the most important aspects of researching an appliance repair person on a site like eieihome is the reviews. Read any and all reviews of each repairperson to get a better feel for their performance and professionalism.


Once you’ve completed your research, the rule of thumb is to contact at least three different pros for quotes on price and timing. Some companies may charge extra if you have an emergency repair that needs to be completed asap, but it isn’t usually much more.

Rate and Review

Once your repair work has been completed, take the time to revisit the review site to leave your own review of the work. This will help others find reputable help in your area, regardless of whether the service was good or bad.

Ready to get started? Visit the Appliance Repair and Service category on today.

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