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Here at DrainWorks, your expert Toronto plumbers, we pride ourselves on hand picking each employee and ensuring they are thoroughly trained for any and all aspects of their job, be it big or small. By doing so, we provide consumers with the best Toronto plumbers. We believe that communication is such an essential part of what we do, thus we ensure that all of our technicians speak English as a first language, with some being fluent in a multitude of others, as well. Some of our technicians/plumbers are trained/qualified in a myriad of other disciplines. Interestingly enough, we believe the fact that 95% of our staff have been with us for over 5 years, is a testament to their dedication to us and ours to them. Having consistency and continuity in the people you work for, fosters an unbeatable combination of skill, experience and passion.

What is DrainWorks?

DrainWorks was founded in 1995, by our present Owner and President, Terry Cord. He had been working as a contractor and was astounded at the lack of quality in the drain/plumbing field and felt that the skill and passion he brought to the table would be a good marriage to the industry. After all, necessity is the Mother of invention and so forth. We’re proud to say that several of the practices that we implemented at the genesis of DrainWorks are still being employed today by us and now by several other companies in our field.

We are open 365 days a year and NEVER charge extra for evenings, weekends, holidays, etc. People are sometimes stunned when they call at 8am on Christmas morning or 10pm on a Saturday night and find that they are talking to a live person ready to address their concerns and that DrainWorks also has a technician ready to dispatch to help them. We know that drain problems don’t stop at 5pm on a Friday, so neither do we. We also strive to maintain an extremely high level of customer service from your first hello on the phone to the last goodbye when our technician leaves. Positive proof of this, is the fact that we’ve won 12 consecutive Consumer’s Choice awards for our drain services. Further, we were voted best Toronto plumbers in the city by Toronto Life magazine. These awards are something we’re really proud of.

What do you specialize in?

We, as Toronto plumbers, specialize in plumbing and drains. However, we also perform excavating sewer lines/drain line replacement, as well as waterproofing. Getting back to awards, we were proud to have received the ORCGA Sewer and Water Excavator of the Year award.

What do you enjoy about your work?

We love providing a quality service at a fair price and seeing the look of relief on someone’s face when we’ve been able to help them get back to a functioning drain line, toilet, etc.  The desire to help people is an inherent trait that all of our technicians and Toronto plumbers have, as we look for that whenever hiring potential employees.  Sometimes, it’s the little things, like getting a toy out of a toilet for a child (and thoroughly washing it off, before handing it to them, of course), or getting that kitchen sink draining before Mom’s 65th birthday party. The rewards our profession as Toronto plumbers brings through these slices of life moments can be tremendously enriching.


It may sound trite, but we’re proud of all of the work we do. As touched on earlier, we strive for the same high level of quality whenever providing service, big or small to our clients. We ensure that whenever we do work at a person’s home, that the work area is in as good or better shape than what it was when we arrived. It’s simply what we believe in.


Home to be waterproofed:

DrainWorks project before waterproofing by expert Toronto plumbers

During the waterproofing process:

DrainWorks project during waterproofing process by expert Toronto plumbers

DrainWorks project mid waterproofing by expert Toronto plumbers


Property put back to a finished state including 2 grade level weeping tile access points:

DrainWorks project after waterproofing completed by expert Toronto plumbers

To see the the full project and what DrainWorks did to protect this home click here.

What Quick Tip would you give to Homeowners?

I have 2 tips, actually. Don’t flush ANYTHING other than toilet paper down your toilet as over time, it will come back to haunt you, and secondly, scrape all food, etc off your plate into your compost before rinsing/putting in the dishwasher, again, over time, these things can definitely contribute to drain backups.

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