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Dulux Venetian Silk paint brings artistry to the home

As 2016 draws to a close, it’s time to think about the home improvement projects you’d like to take on in the new year. Redecorating a room or two usually sits at the top of that list, and of course, with redecorating there almost always comes painting.

This year, there is a new option to create something truly special with paint in the home. Venetian Silk™ is an intriguing new paint product from Dulux. It adds incredible interest to walls and other surfaces, with a finish that is anything but ordinary. It isn’t a faux finish, but rather an exquisite new paint technology that allows you to bring visual texture and drama into the home. went right to the source, and spoke with Martin Tustin-Fuchs and Rita Hunter-Dunne, representatives from Dulux about these exciting new paint offerings. Although talking about this new product just wasn’t enough. We had to try it out for ourselves. Take a look at this fantastic time lapse footage of Dulux Venetian Silk being applied to a feature wall in our president’s office.


What is Dulux Venetian Silk?

DULUX Venetian Silk in Cashmere Clouds

Dulux Venetian Silk in Jetsetter

Dulux Venetian Silk provides a beautiful multi-toned finish that harnesses the classic, old world charm of venetian plaster, but without the considerable expense and work that a plaster application requires. The different tones play beautifully with shadows and light, providing you with a unique experience every time you look at it. Then, down the road, when it’s time for a change, you simply paint over it –which is something you cannot do with a plaster application.

“Dulux Venetian Silk provides a wow factor,” says Tustin-Fuchs. “Because it’s not just a great colour, but a fabulous finish.

Dulux Venetian Silk paint produces the sensuous, silky, layered effect of Venetian plaster yet is easy to apply and smooth to the touch. Available in 40 striking, light-animating colours, it creates a distinctive multi-toned and luminous finish that adds unprecedented depth to walls, according to Tustin-Fuchs.

Application Method

Venetian silk

To create the unique multi-toned effect, you begin by rolling on a specially selected Dulux Diamond eggshell base colour. Then the next step is to apply two thin top coats of Dulux Venetian Silk, which is where the creativity begins.

This top coat is best applied with a plastic applicator or trowel. These types of tools give you the ability to spread the Venetian Silk onto the wall in short, concentrated strokes. The result is completely one-of-a-kind and absolutely breathtaking. In fact, it isn’t just painting a room, but rather creating a piece of art.

“At the end of the day, it’s only your imagination that creates the boundaries [of what this product can do],” says Hunter-Dunne.

For the best results, Dulux recommends hiring a professional painter to apply your Venetian Silk. It is a product that you really want to take your time with to get the top coat application just right. Additionally, a professional may be better able to envision the end result.

However, homeowners who enjoy painting can certainly apply the product themselves. It is a very forgiving product and there can be great satisfaction is creating your own masterpiece at home.

Where to use Dulux Venetian Silk?

dulux-effect-finishes-group-shot-lrDulux Venetian Silk can be used on a features wall or throughout an entire room; although we definitely prefer the feature wall application. It would be incredibly striking bed in the master bedroom, or flanking a fireplace on the main floor.

However, Tustin-Fuchs cautions that it should not be used in an area with too much humidity or high traffic. Since excessive cleaning can actually damage the finish, he also suggests keeping leftover paint on hand for touch-ups.

To learn more about Dulux Venetian Silk, visit //  Or, to find a professional painter who can apply this product for you, browse our listings of painting contractors in your local area.

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