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Dying of heat in the bedroom? There’s an AC fix for that

As the warm spring sun beats down on your home, you may notice one room is warmer than the rest. Ironically, it’s the one room you want to be the coolest – the master bedroom. Bill Watson of Air Plus Heating and Cooling tells us how to keep the bedroom cool and comfortable during the hot, hazy summer.

Air Plus, a Toronto-based company, has been providing furnace, air conditioner and water heater installation, service and repair for over 20 years and can explain why cool air isn’t reaching your bedroom.

But first! Take a look at this infographic. It shows all the places hot and cold air escape your home. It’s no wonder why the bedroom is always sweltering!

energy2 (1)

Heat in the bedroom

“In people’s homes, typically the master bedroom is the space that’s farthest away from the furnace,” says Watson. While this doesn’t cause any problems in the wintertime because hot air rises and moves easily through the ducting system, in the summer, the heavier cold air is more difficult to move efficiently into the master bedroom.

As a result, the master bedroom tends to be the warmest room in the home. “It’s a shame because the people who own the house are the ones who are sleeping in the master bedroom and they’re often the ones who are the most uncomfortable,” says Watson.

Often, master bedrooms are located on a corner, have more than one outside wall and typically more windows than any other bedroom, causing the room to heat up.

“As the sun hits the roof and heats the brick or the siding, there’s more heat infiltrating into the master bedroom,” says Watson of Air Plus.

This neat infographic demonstrates the flow of air in your home and why your master bedroom is consistently warmer than it should be.


Cooling down to sleep

Watson recommends supplementary air conditioning in order to keep the bedroom cool. Ductless air conditioners work like a central air conditioner, but are specifically designed to suit small spaces like a master bedroom.

airconditioning (4)

Watson says these units, which are commonly used in Asia, Europe and the Middle East, also work well in older homes in Toronto that lack forced air venting. These units typically cost around $2,500 and take about five hours to install. The outside unit is a condensing compressor which operates in the same way that a standard air conditioning unit operates, while the interior unit is small enough to not impose on your master bedroom space or decor.

“In both poorly vented spaces and those without forced air, Ductless A/C’s are one of the few options you have to get cool air,” says Watson.

Air Plus Heating and Cooling has 20+ years of expertise in hot and cold air solutions. Visit their profile on our website for more information about the company. If you hire them to solve your heating and cooling issues, stop by our website again and write a review!

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