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Easily store your garden hose with this DIY project

Whether you plan on spending your summer gardening or quenching your lawn’s thirst, you need easy access to a garden hose for routine lawn care. Dragging it from one place to another is inconvenient, and neither is leaving it rolled up all over the place. Our DIY expert Amanda Fettig shows us how to make your own garden hose storage piece. It looks nice and does the job!

I tried to think of what I would want if I were moving into a new house. My hubby and I thought about it for awhile, and since we’ve been working out in the yard a lot, we decided to tackle an organizational project that any new homeowner would appreciate!garden

Garden hoses are necessary, and something every new homeowner will need. Let me just tell you that organizing our hose was not on the top of our “to-do” list when we moved into our house, so our hoses still just lay strewn about the yard, mainly because I’m lazy after I water my plants and don’t want to bother with it.

Side note: If you’re not the gardener in your home, but plan on leaving it up to the lawn maintenance professionals, it’s a nice little addition for them too!

Having something to coil my hose up on would make it a lot easier to actually put it away. That’s why we made a little 2×4 garden hose storage!

We started with this:


Our local Home Depot cut our 2×4 in half for us, so we had two long pieces. We literally got everything we needed for this project right at Home Depot, which made it even easier!

We also found this fabulous pack of 2 utility hooks (they were where all the bike hooks were)! Totally a steal and the perfect size to hold our hose!

The DIY Project

First, we started by attaching the hook to our 2×4. We put it close to the top, as we knew a good foot of the bottom of the 2×4 would have to be in the ground to support a heavy hose. David drilled a couple of pilot holes for the screws.


Then, he screwed in the screws almost all the way in, put on the hook, and tightened them.


I wanted the whole thing to be one color, so I chose a nice textured spray paint from RustOleum that would give it a little character.

I spray painted the whole thing with a few coats, including the hook. I left about half a foot of wood on the bottom unpainted since it was just going to be in the ground anyway.


While that dried, I had David cut another 2×4 to be 6 inches long. This would be nailed down on top of the hose storage, to be able to hold a potted plant. I sprayed painted that piece of wood with the textured paint to match.

After everything dried, we hammered in a few long nails on top of the 2×4 pretty close together in the middle.


Then we screwed down the flower pot from the inside.


We made sure the screws were far enough apart that they didn’t run into the nails.

I planted a pretty little pansy in the pot. I felt like the hose storage would be a little bare and boring without it!

David dug a nice hole outside about a foot deep, placed the hose storage inside, and then put the dirt back around it and packed it down good. I was a little worried it would fall over with the weight of the hose (and David almost went as far as cementing it!), but it’s held up perfectly! I think burying it a foot deep was perfect, any less and it would topple forward.


We are so thrilled with how it turned out. This is totally the perfect gift for a new homeowner! In fact, my in-laws just bought a new house, so they just might be getting a little something soon!

Yikes, don’t mind that ugly pipe going down from the gutter next to the house and that cord. We obviously have some more yard work to do this spring!

garden hose

I am SO happy with this hook, too. It’s the perfect size for the hose, and holds up to 20 pounds!

Thanks for stopping by today, friends! Have a fabulous day!

Is your garden hose ready for the summer? Leave your outdoor space nice and clean for yourself and the lawn care experts by undertaking this simple DIY. We promise it’ll make your backyard look neat and kept!

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