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Easy Tips for Home Decorating with Kids

Your baby is growing up and wants a new bedroom that suits their older self. You want to give your child the room of their dreams, but worry that if you give them too much freedom, it could wind up the room of your nightmares.

Don’t sweat it. There is a way to let the apple of your eye guide the design process without ever turning over the reins.

Present them with options–sort of

Letting your child make their own choices in color scheme, theme, lighting, bedding, or artwork is a very empowering experience for them. For the first time, they are able to make their own decisions and assert a certain degree of independence. There is one caveat. You get to weed out the impractical, aesthetically displeasing options first–and your child need never know.

For example, if you know that Susie has her heart set on a pink decor, select some paint chips that don’t make you cringe. Present her with your top picks and let her choose her favorite from these. She need never know that these were your picks, too.

Make an erasable wall

Chalkboard paint is an amazing invention that allows your child to personalize their room in a non-permanent fashion. Try Disney Great Slate Black Chalkboard Paint, Krylon Chalkboard Paint, or Rainbow Blackboard Paint.

Incorporate their treasures

We all have our favorite things–items we’ve made, gifts we’ve received, and photos we treasure. Kids do, too. Invite your child to pick out pieces of artwork they made for you to frame and hang on a wall. Create a collage of pictures of family, friends, and pets. Devise a method of displaying their trophies prominently. Or frame a poster of their favorite band.

Give them a project

A great way to let your child put their own personal stamp on their room is to have them handcraft a design element. One great option is to have them decorate the light switch plate. Using craft foam, felt, eyes, feathers, or any other materials that suit the room’s theme, switch plates can be easily turned into just about anything. And they can be changed as your child’s tastes evolve.

decorated light switch plate

photo credit: Snickerpuss via photopin cc

Creating your child’s own personal paradise can be a great bonding experience for both of you. With a willingness to compromise, some imagination, and a design plan, you can convert a room that’s outdated to one that’s top-rated. And become the coolest parent on the block.

How much input do you think a child should have in decorating his or her room?

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