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Eavestroughs, Downspouts and Your Foundation

In the early 1950’s people just accepted the fact that basements were dark, damp and only about six feet high.  No longer is it acceptable, healthy or necessary to endure a wet and musty basement.

EiEiHome learned all about preventing water damage, by paying attention to eavestroughs and downspouts, from GJ MacRae Foundation Repair.

Cause and effect

Inadequate drainage – that’s the origin. “Clogged eavestroughs or downspouts that overflow during rainstorms can cause water to accumulate around the foundation,” warns GJ MacRae.

“The eavestroughs and downspouts may be draining into an underground rain leader that’s become clogged with silt or destroyed by tree roots. The problems may come from ground level or originate below ground because of cracks in the foundation, lack of or deterioration of the weeping tile, window wells that let in too much water or substandard back-fill,” they added.

Preventative maintenance

Make sure your eavestroughs are cleaned at least twice a year and your downspouts extend at least two-feet to three-feet away from the foundation and are running freely. Ensure those eavestrough joints are properly sealed and that the elbow joints are screwed on, rather than just pushed into place.

Make sure you pay attention to the following:

  • Do the elbows sit at least a foot off the ground to allow water runoff by gravity?
  • Are there splash blocks (concrete trays) underneath the downspouts, to disperse water away from the foundation?
  • Are the downspouts lifted off the ground, so they won’t freeze during winter?

Image Credit: Sean Lamb

Downspouts that drain directly into the weeping tile at the foot of the foundation should be avoided because, if the diameter of the weeping tile is insufficient to handle all the water from your roof, you could get flooding. Most foundation leaks actually begin at your roof due to clogged eavestroughs and downspouts that have become disconnected. It is imperative that your eavestrough system carries that rainwater out and away from your foundation.

Prevent costly foundation repairs from water damage by having your eavestrough system maintained regularly by a professional. Better you spend that time on the golf course or in the gym!

GJ MacRae Foundation Repair has been in business since 1975 and are the original full service foundation repair company. You can find them at along with reviews and service pros for any of your home improvement and renovation projects.

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