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Designer or electricians? These lighting experts are both

When it comes to illuminating your home, effective and efficient lighting isn’t as simple as placing a few pot lights in the ceiling. The right electrician can design your space in a way that highlights your room’s best features. We spoke with Hanna Taylor of Hotwire Electric about the importance of hiring an electrician who can help you design your home lighting system.

What is a lighting design expert?

An electrician’s job is to pay close attention to a home’s structure and identify where electrical wiring should go. “Electricians are all about code,” says Taylor. Not every electrician has the ability to envision what type of lighting belongs where. The team at Hotwire Electric are lighting design experts. “That’s what sets us apart from the regular electrician,” she says.


How Hotwire can transform your spaces

Taylor has received calls from homeowners asking how many pot lights they’ll need in a room of a specific size. “There is never a set or standard answer,” she says. That’s because Taylor wants her team to walk through the house to design the home’s lighting and find out how the spaces will be used. If a homeowner is hanging a piece of artwork, Hotwire can incorporate art lighting. If a TV is being installed on the wall, pot lights shouldn’t be placed above it. “If you have amazing cabinets, we can put LED tape lighting or puck lights,” she says, adding other electricians may not pay so much attention to detail. “Let’s make that space special for you.”

In addition to helping you choose the right lighting for your home, Taylor and the team at Hotwire can put them on the right switches, including double switches to control lighting on two sides of the room, and place outdoor lights on a timer, as well as home automation systems to allow for user-friendly lighting controls.


Lighting technology is important to Hotwire

Taylor prides herself in being informed when it comes to the latest technology in lighting. LED lights are a popular option, but Taylor once advised homeowners to hold off on purchasing bulbs for six months because the new generation was coming out. “I’m thinking about the long-term,” she says. Taylor also has knowledge of colour LED lights, which can be used to enhance both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Lighting isn’t just for the indoors

Speaking of outdoor lighting, Hotwire Electric can transform your outdoor living spaces, including playing with colour to really enhance the space. When uplighting trees and pools, there are a lot of lighting variations you can play around with. “We’ll sit down and create a budget with the homeowner,” says Taylor. “We work very closely you’re your architects and engineers to make sure it’s the right lighting that meets their standards. The end result is what you’re looking for.”

outdoor lighting

From commercial to residential spaces, indoor and outdoor, Hotwire Electric can assist with your lighting needs. Visit their profile on our website to learn more about the company, read reviews, and get inspired by their extensive portfolio!

It’s never too late to light up your spaces – indoors or outdoors. Get started today!

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