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Entryway Makeover: Dark and Dreary to Light and Bright!

Expert home decor projects and crafts DIYer Amanda Fettig needs to renovate her bathroom, master bedroom and laundry room. That’s a lot of home projects! In the meantime, Amanda shares with us what she’s done to update her entryway. She turned a dark and dreary corner – and the first thing people see when they walk into her home! – into a bright space.

This year, there are a lot of makeovers and re-dos that I have in mind for our humble abode. To start, our guest bathroom hasn’t been touched since we moved in. After slapping on a coat of paint and putting up some of my really bright beachy decor from my college days, I called it good. Yikes. Do you ever have those, “What in the WORLD was I thinking?!” moments? Yeah. It happens to me all. the. time. That poor room needs a major overhaul. And, you definitely know it’s true when one of your friends comes out and says, “Wow, could your bathroom BE any brighter?!” Here’s a little peek…


Yeah. See what I mean? It needs HELP. There’s no window and it’s really small, so it’s super dark and dungeon-ish. I’ll definitely be going bright in here; but in a “light and bright” way, not a hot pink and orange way.

We also have plans to do something fun in our master bedroom, which we’ll tackle this summer. Our tiny laundry room also needs major help, which we’ll get to at some point. Hopefully real soon! And our living/dining room will also get a few updates. When we moved in, I must have been on a black kick because ALL of our furniture was black. And still is. I never noticed how dark it made our already too-small living space seem, so I’ll be freshening and brightening it all up soon. I hate that dark dungeon feel, especially in the gloomy winter. We don’t have a ton of natural light in our living room. So basically, I’ll be doing lots and lots of painting in the months to come! Yay for paint and easy fixes, right?

For right now though, I’ve been working on updating our “entryway.” Our living room, entryway, dining room, and kitchen are all one gigantic space with no separation. I’m totally all for open floor plans and lots of space, but it’d be nice to have a little separation of rooms. Someday. For now, the wall when you walk in our house has a little console table with some knick knacks, and above that is our picture gallery. We also painted this wall green for a little boldness, which extends all the way into the kitchen. We loved having some contrast and excitement in our huge living area, but I’m tired of being “stuck” trying to match colors with this green to decorate. I’ve really limited myself. We also had touches of orange in our decor for brightness, but it’s time to do away with them. Here’s what our entryway looked like before Christmas:


So, we decided to paint this wall gray to match the rest of the room. Here’s what it looks like now:


Much better. It already lightens up the space a tad (aaaand there’s more black furniture. WHY did I paint it with high-gloss, you guys?!). I really hate that visible outlet under the table. That little basket houses all our Wi-Fi and internet hardware, as the builders thought it’d be cool to wire it straight up through the floor. In the entryway. Super awesome.

Bye bye, green wall and orange decor! Hello to light, bright, and natural wood (very soon!). Neutral will now be the name of the game. Woohoo!

For this space, I’m working on a beautiful vintage dresser that will become our new entryway table. It’ll double as extra storage, which I’m super excited about. It will house and hide all those internet wires and will cover that wall outlet. Yay! However, this dresser is not coming without its fair share of work. The several owners before me thought it’d be fun to paint it 542,647 times in all different colors. Ok, only 9 cdwelling5olors. But still, it’s been such a headache trying to strip and sand and refinish, and I’m so determined to get all that paint off. It will be beautiful when it’s all said and done. I’m certain!

We’re also changing up our wall, and it’ll no longer be our picture gallery. We have a rustic DIY statement piece in mind for that spot that you won’t want to miss the tutorial for! It’ll be coming soon.

The challenge to all these little updates? A BUDGET. You know what I’m talking about. It’s the whole, “let’s see how inexpensive AND pretty we can actually make our house!” deal. It can be done. Follow along and I’ll show you how! Stay tuned for the reveal of our entryway coming in a couple of weeks!

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About the Author: Amanda shares her DIY home decor crafts and projects on her blog Dwelling in Happiness.

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