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The essential cottage chore checklist

Cottage season has officially arrived and so many Canadians cannot wait to spend long weekends up north in their home-away-from-home. But before we can sit back and reap the benefits of a northern getaway, there are some chores that need to get done in our first few visits.

If you have an all season cottage, the list may not be as long as someone who can really only use their cottage (maybe) three seasons out of the year, but there’s still plenty to do.

cottage chore checklist
Photo Source: Cottage Life

Before You Leave the City

Before you head north, ensure that you’ve checked off the following things to safeguard a smooth visit.

  • Call your local power company and make sure the power is on – the last thing you want to do is arrive to a chilled cottage that doesn’t have power with nothing on hand to assist you
  • Remember all the keys that will be needed for any locks that will need to be opened
  • If your cottage doesn’t have a lot of tools, get together a tool box with the essential tools needed for your stay
  • Next, put together a bucket of necessary cleaning supplies that you anticipate using. We recommend; glass cleaner, all-purpose cleaner, toilet cleanser, wood and furniture polish, disinfectant wipes, a mop, broom and plenty of cleaning rags

cottage chore checklist
Photo Source: Cottage Life

Upon Arrival

After unloading the car it’s time to get down to business. The sooner you start the work, the better.

  • A walk around the property is imperative. Are there any fallen trees, downed power lines, broken goods or damaged decks or docks? Once you have a lay of the land, you can create a plan for the outdoor property
  • Next, do the same walk around, inside the cottage. Check cupboards and floors, bedrooms and closets and bathroom sinks and toilets to make sure that there aren’t any damaged items or new residence taking up space (ie; mice, bugs or other nasty vermin)
  • Turn on the water and let it run to make sure your hot water is working and the fossets have been cleared
  • Update the batteries in your smoke detectors and flash lights, replace fire extinguishers and clean out the eves troughs
  • Yard work is one of the biggest tasks while you’re up north. Pick up fallen branches and rake the leaves and fallen debris from the winter and spring months
  • Mentally prepare yourself for a shockingly cold dip in the water. Putting in the dock can sometimes require a quick swim to secure all the anchors are fastened

cottage chore checklist

Photo Source: Cottage Life

Along with outdoor furniture, planting your garden beds and putting the boat in the water, there’s plenty to do the first couple of visits up to your cottage, but don’t let the whole weekend become a work weekend – leave yourself some time to enjoy!

Side note: A small but necessary tip is to bring up friends or family who are workers – not watchers. You want the people you’ve invited up for the first few visits to be willing to offer you help when needed. They need to understand that the more work that is done sooner, the more time there is for relaxing later. Once the work is done, reward yourself and your guests with a hearty barbeque and a cold beverage or two.

Lead Photo Courtesy of The Loop

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