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Essential Tech For Your Home Office

Besides the obvious things like our phones and computers, many of us aren’t really all that aware of all of the tech gear out there that can make our lives easier.

No matter the precise nature or function of your home office, today’s article will introduce you to what I consider to be the five must have pieces gear to take your productivity to the next level.

Let’s get started!

Ergonomic Chair/Standing Desk:  If you operate your own business from home, you are your business.  You need to take care of yourself just like you would your data and finances; otherwise you risk productivity and success in the long-term.  Excessive sitting, especially on inappropriate chairs, can lead to chronic biomechanical issues and pain overtime. I recommended fighting back against this issue with one or both of an ergonomic office chair and a standing desk, which in tandem will reduce your seated hours in a day while also ensuring that, when you are sitting, your body is in a healthier position.


This VIVO standing desk is a current Amazon best seller and retails for $239.99. Those looking to spend a little bit less can also consider a standing desk converter, which transform your current desk into a functional standing desk.

4-in-1 Wireless Printer Devices: If you have more than one device to fulfil the purposes of printing, scanning, copying or faxing your home office set up is not as efficient or compact as it could be. There are a number or products on the market in very affordable price ranges that consolidate all of these functions. In other words, now is the time to upgrade.

One of the most highly rated products on Amazon, the HP Office Jet Pro 6798, retails for a very reasonable $117 and wirelessly enables you to print, scan, copy and fax.


Bluetooth Headset:  Land lines are so 2010 and holding a phone in your hand so 2015. The only thing that is worse for business than either of those things?  Putting your clients or business associates on the speaker phone! Don’t be that person. Bluetooth smart phone headsets are incredibly cheap, easy to set up and, above all else, exceptionally convenient.

This Bluetooth headset from Mpow has exceptional audio quality and retails for only $28.99 Canadian.


Universal/Back Up Power Source: Your business doesn’t stop working just because the power has. Imagine working on an extensive document and losing power just before saving it? Or requiring access to your e-mail for an important communication, but the only problem is that the power is out. A universal power source can keep your machine running long enough to take care of those critical tasks, while also operating as a surge protector.

The APS Back-UPS Pro 700 has all of the features mentioned above and retails for $181.99 Canadian.


Nespresso Machine:  Who has time to drink a full cup of coffee these days?  This may be the dietitian talking, but caffeine is well known to reduce perceptions of fatigue and improve mental acuity. The most efficient way to get your daily caffeine hit? Espresso!  Thankfully Nespresso has a diverse line of compact and efficient products that serve up restaurant quality espresso in seconds.

I personally recommend the Essenza Mini, which is extraordinarily compact, aesthetic and available for only $179.99.

Source: Hudson’s Bay

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