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Everything about the kitchen sink

Selecting a new kitchen sink is an extremely important part of updating your kitchen. The kitchen sink is one of the more frequently used components in your kitchen, and also tends to be a focal point. That means, you’ll really want to consider your new selection, not only for its performance, but for the way it looks as well.
Here are three main criteria to consider:

Size and Configuration

Counter space is always at a premium. If you don’t have much counter space in your kitchen currently, then a double sink or extra-large single basin sink may take up too much room.
You should also consider the need. A growing trend in kitchens is to add a second sink and faucet for food prep or for washing glasses. In this case, it may be wise to choose a small bar sink, rather than a second full-size option.

Kitchen Sink Styles

While there are many different finishes and features, these are the most common sink styles available in Canada today.
Drop-in Sinks

The classic drop-in or top-mounted sink has been the most commonly seen style of kitchen sink in recent years. As the name suggests, they drop right in to the allotted space and a rim sits on the countertop to support the weight.
Undermount Sinks

This style of kitchen sink is installed beneath the countertop; thereby hiding any exposed edges. This style offers a smooth, unencumbered look that is very popular in current kitchen designs.
Apron Front

This is the big, deep vintage-style sink that is not covered by cabinetry at the front. Apron front sinks have enjoyed quite the renaissance thanks to the popularity of farmhouse and cottage-style interiors.

kitchen sink

Source: Contemporist

The integrated sink is not added to the countertop, but is part of one contiguous countertop installation. Due to the absence of any lips or crevices, integrated sinks make for extremely easy cleanup.

Sink Materials

Here are four of the most common  kitchen sink materials in Canada.

Cast Iron 

Cast iron is considered by many to be the definitive kitchen sink material. Extremely durable and easy to clean, these sinks have been used in North American kitchens for generations. The enamel-coated cast iron alloy is heavy, beautiful and extremely durable. In fact, a cast iron sink can last a lifetime.
Stainless Steel

kitchen sink

Source: Home Bunch

Stainless has been the default sink material in homes and restaurants for many years. It’s durable, affordable and extremely easy to clean.
Ceramic Porcelain

kitchen sink

Source: Art Symphony

There is no denying that the classic gleam of a white, porcelain kitchen sink is lovely. It affords a charming vintage look, particularly in the form of an apron front. Unfortunately, it isn’t nearly as damage-resistant as stainless steel, and is also prone to dulling and scratching.
Granite Composite

kitchen sink

Source: Blanco

Granite composite sinks are made of an 80/20 mix of granite and acrylic resin. Touted by some as the most durable kitchen sink material available, this typically dark-coloured sink is incredibly resistant to scratches, chips and heat.

kitchen sink

Source: Attic Mag

This natural stone material is denser than similar options, such as marble and granite, despite being among the softer stone options. Soapstone is impervious to heat and bacteria, and resistant to stains. However, this expensive option can be nicked and scratched over time.

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