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Everything you need to know about barn doors

Let’s be honest, barn doors are everywhere these days, but we are definitely not complaining! The design world’s latest entryway barrier trend is not only charmingly stylish, but it’s practical too.

An interior barn door is a single or double door set which has been mounted on a sliding track, hung above the doorway. Track styling can vary from extremely rustic or industrial, to sleek and contemporary.

If you love the look of barn doors featured on home renovation shows or in beautiful images online, but aren’t sure if you should incorporate them into your home’s décor, here are a few details that may help you decide.

Small Footprint

barn doors

Source: Rustic Hardware

Barn doors are an excellent solution for small spaces. If the space around your doorway is at a premium or if a traditional swinging door would pose a safety hazard, then adding a barn door may be your best option.

Easy Installation

The traditional sliding door alternative to the barn door is the classic pocket door. While pocket doors are also space-saving sliders, they typically require homeowners to hire a contractor, due to the fact that their installation requires wall demolition.

By contrast, barn doors can be installed by the average handy DIYer.  Of course, if you aren’t experienced or are uncertain about your abilities, you should always err on the side of caution and hire a professional to install your barn door system.

Barn doors don’t have to look like barn doors

barn doors

Source: Paper Daisy Design

While the name suggests that barn doors should always have that traditional X or Z-brace look, there is actually considerable diversity in terms of door styling. As a matter of fact, the door itself can take on pretty much any look. Everything from contemporary glass paneled door to vintage screen doors mounted as sliding barn doors.

Bathroom barn doors –the great debate

barn doors

Source: Attic Mag

When it comes to using barn doors for the bathroom, there seems to be a good deal of division. Some people are of the opinion that they are perfectly suitable as bathroom doors; however, many homeowners are vehemently anti-bathroom barn doors, and here’s why.

The issue stems from the reduced privacy that barn door may offer. The truth is that barn doors don’t so much close as they hover in front of a doorway. This means that there is usually a bit of space between the door and the wall.

There is also the fact that barn doors are not intended to be locked doors, which plays into the privacy issue again. Fortunately, there are hook-style barn door locks that can be added.

A word about safety

If you’ve settled on installing a barn door system, it’s extremely important that you ensure that the track system and the door frame can safely withstand the weight of your doors(s).

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