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Everything You Need To Know About Metal Roofs

Is your home sheltered by an aging roof?

Do you want a more resilient and reliable roof?

Are you wondering what other roofing materials and styles are out there?

If you answered yes to any of the above, today’s article is for you.

Metal Roofing is the among the fastest growing trends in both commercial and home renovation, and today  sat down with Max Guerra of New Steel Roofers to find out why.

Who Are New Steel Roofers?

“New Steel Roofers are a leading metal roofing contractor in Ontario, providing quality service in both the residential and commercial sector for the past two decades” Guerra explains.

Why Consider A Metal Roof?

Are you resistant to change as a homeowner?  Metal roofing is an innovative product that you may not be well aware of, but comes with many advantages.

We asked Max to share some reasons why homeowners would consider the switch to metal roofing.

  1. Durability: Tired of loose shingles and pricey roofing repairs? Metal roofing is the solution. “ A Metal roof is resistant to strong winds, freezing/thawing and pest damage and will quite likely be the last roof you will ever need to own.” Guerra explains. Case in point, Metal roofs installed by New Steel Roofers come with an unmatched 50 year limited warranty and generally last 2-3x longer than other types of roofs.
  2. Novelty: How many of your neighbours have a metal roof? “Given that metal roofing is an innovative and rapidly emerging technology, you really have the opportunity to make your home stand out and increase its value by opting for a metal roof.” Guerra explains. The style and colour combinations are endless and a perfect fit can be found for any type of home.
  3. Convenient: Some homeowners may be turned off new roofing because of the work they think is involved, but metal roofing is very easy to install.Despite what you may think, metal roofs are easy to install as they can be seamlessly placed over existing roofing and no tear-off is required.” Guerra explains.
  4. Environmentally Friendly: Metal roofing is environmentally and resource friendly in two ways. First, it is made out of over 50% recycled material. Second, certain varieties of metal roofing ( known as high albedo) are very effective at reflecting heat and can actually greatly reduce cooling costs and energy expenditure in your home.

New Steel Roofers In The Press

New Steel Roofers recently appeared on Roger & Marilyn Morning Show on Chum 104.5. If you are still unclear on what metal roofing is all about, have a listen to the segment to help clear things up.

You can learn more about New Steel Roofers right here on by using our contractor directory.

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