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Experience Movie Magic In Your Home Theatre

As the holiday’s approach, why not give yourself and your family an early present in the form of a home entertainment system? eieihome was lucky enough to speak with Nick Malfara, President of Design-Spec Building Group about how you can transform your basement into a home theatre. With just a few quick tips and tricks, you too can have a cinematic experience in the comfort of your very own home.

Create a layout

Firstly, think about the placement of the screen and the entrance to the room. Ideally, the entrance should be at the rear of the room to avoid distraction. Consider where the media storage and overhead projector will be placed, to keep the room looking sleek. Nobody wants unsightly wires hanging down or out in the open, so low-profile tubing even drywall, can be used to hide them.

The dimensions of the room will affect the resonance and could potentially cause certain frequencies to sound too loud or too soft.  “If you have even or same-room dimensions—such as 12 x 12—be sure to add in a built-in storage unit to break up the dimensions,” says Nick. This will help prevent the bass frequencies from resonating and creating a loud booming sound.

Check acoustics

Be sure to keep the acoustics in mind as well, as concrete can be hard on the low-bass frequencies. Both wall and floor treatments can help with bass absorption. Consider floating floors or hanging two layers of varying thicknesses of drywall.

HVAC and furnaces are an essential part of every home, but they also tend to be loud and can cause disturbances, so be certain the home theatre won’t be directly beside them. There are many inexpensive and budget-smart ways to soundproof a room through the use of special curtains and carpets.

Carpet used for sound proofing home theatre

A theatre room isn’t just some hiding space; it’s a transformation for your basement that affords family-time and the chance for bonding. This is the kind of room that caters to all senses; from the visuals of the screen, the smell of buttery popcorn to the musical scores of the film.

Design-Spec Building Group, can help bring the movie experience to your very own home. No need to rush the family out in the heart of winter to the theatre when you can have an exciting movie night of your own.

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