Extend your patio season into the fall

As the weather begins to cool down, we try to find new tips and tricks to stay outdoors for a little longer before the first snowfall. Extend your patio season with bright tones, cozy outdoor décor and warm modern fire pits. Rather than pack up their patio, Canadians will be happy to learn how to extend the use of their outdoor space and take full advantage of entertaining opportunities.

We have amazing tips from entertaining expert and founder of Andrew Richard Designs, Andrew Bockner along with inviting and warm firepit options from Canadian manufacturer, Paloform.

Homeowners will be happy to know they can actually enjoy the outdoors into the Fall, like proud Canadians.

Andrew is highly accomplished in the areas of design and entertaining which makes him the perfect expert.

Unique firepits for patio.

Andrew Bockner’s tips for extending the patio season:

  1. For extra warmth add a carpet to the outdoor space.
  2. Add throws and bright pillows for a stylish pop of colour & cozy atmosphere.
  3. A roof or large umbrella over the patio will help to insulate in the cooler months
  4. Paloform Fire pits and fireplaces are an on trend luxury item that are amazing centerpieces and great sources of heat.
  5. Portable lanterns are cute décor additions as well as useful light sources for fall’s earlier setting sun.
  6. Space heaters work well in large or small spaces and come in all different sizes.
  7. Maintain a summer vibe with a fresh bouquet of in season flowers like irises, magnolias, and gerbera daisies.


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