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Fantastic Household Gadgets

Human multitasking was a term I had not heard of until the late 1990’s. Now, it is becoming a normal way to keep up with our increasingly fast and busy lives. In fact, one of my friends has only one resolution for 2014 and that is to slow down and take time for herself. This got me thinking about the ways manufacturers are trying to help make our lives easier by integrating technology into our everyday tasks. Here’s a look at a few products and gadgets that are unique and relatively new to the market.

Have you ever found yourself hunting for the right adapter to charge your phone or tablet? The hunt is over! Legrand makes a USB duplex electrical outlet. This means you no longer have to fiddle with adapters to get your USB device into a standard duplex outlet. This 2.1-amp unit retails for about $25 CAD and is available at Lowe’s.

Growing up, my parents were big Star Trek fans and I often wondered what it would be like to walk around and have doors automatically open and close for me. Well, how about the toilet seat doing that? What about it flushing automatically too? Kohler’s Numi toilet does this and more. Its motion-activated cover and seat detect when you are near. Numi warms the floor so your feet won’t get cold; it also has a seat warmer, air dryer, deodorizer, bidet functions, music, and illuminated panels to help you find it at night. Gene Rodenberry would be so impressed! The Numi toilet with remote control retails for $7,651 CAD.

If you are terrible at remembering to change the laundry over from the washer to the dryer you will be happy to hear that you no longer have to. LG’s All In One washer/dryer combo means you never have to change laundry over again. The extra large 4.2 cu. ft. capacity, front load machine offers its standard features like the anti-vibration system, LED display and energy star rating. It also comes with a 10-year warranty on the motor. The added feature is that it has a ventless condensing drying system, which will dry clothes without the need for external venting. Needless to say, having one machine that does the job of two saves a lot of space. This marvelous invention retails for $2900 CAD.

There are a lot of touchless faucets on the market and some are better than others. The Grohe Minta Touch is known to be one of the best and sells at a retail price of $564 CAD. It has a classic design that will work in most kitchens. What makes it exceptional is that it has a matching faucet that provides chilled and sparkling water. The Grohe Blue Chilled & Sparkling water system provides direct and constant access to chilled, filtered water as well as carbonated water. It has two internal waterways keep the waters separate, so once your water has been filtered, it does not come into contact with anything that may taint the taste. There is an LED display on the faucet to tell you when to change the filter, which lasts up to twelve months or 600 litres and can be adjusted according to the hardness of your water. This is a great way to decrease our carbon footprint by reducing our need for bottled water. This pair of faucets is perfect for kitchens that have a bar sink as well as a main sink. The Grohe Blue starter kit (including the faucet, filters and carbonation cartidges) retails for $3729 CAD.

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