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FAQs about Steel Roofs

Many of us live in neighbourhoods where asphalt shingles cover almost every rooftop but steel roofs are quickly becoming increasingly popular. Are you unfamiliar with this type of roof? spoke with General Manager of New Steel Roofers, Max Guerra, to learn more about this durable roofing option.

Why a Metal Roof?

A common question that people have when debating whether to switch out their shingled roof with a metal roof is why they should. Max Guerra states, “a New Steel Roof is a long term solution, outlasting a shingled roof by 8 to 9 times […]. Simply [put], it’s economically and ecologically smart.”

As Guerra mentioned, metal roofs can last 8 to 9 times longer than a shingled roof, often having a lifetime of 80 to 100 years depending on the quality and type of metal that you choose for your home. A metal roof will eliminate the stress and worry of having to change your shingled roof for years to come.

Eliminating Eye Sores and Creating Safety

What do you picture when you think of a steel roof? Do you picture a bright painted metal roof that your neighbors will be offended by? New Steel Roofers offer stone coated metal roofs that look natural and protect homeowners from a potential ice or snow problem. Guerra says, “What’s disconcerting to most is the ice and snow avalanche affect that can possibly damage surroundings.  A solution to that is a stone coated metal roof. A stone coated metal roof looks natural and it has all the benefits of a metal roof without the shiny barn look, as well as eliminating the avalanche affect.”

The Process

If you are debating replacing your shingled roof with a metal one, do you know the process taken to make the change? This is a popular question asked by customers of New Steel Roofers. Guerra says, “A metal roof typically goes over existing shingles, keeping garbage out of the landfills […] not to mention saving the cost of removal and disposal, making cleanup easier.” He continues, “a vapor barrier is laid out on the entire roof before applying the metal. A direct to deck fastener is preferred but many settle for a strapping system with exposed screws.”

Rain and Noise

During a rain or windstorm, it could be assumed that with a metal roof, the noise would be unbearable. Guerra clears things up by stating that, a stone coated metal roof will be quieter than a shingled roof due to the insulation the coated metal creates. Without a stone coated metal, the noise level strictly depends on the insulation within the house and attic space.

Final Thoughts

Our final question for Guerra was simply to tell us the one reason why someone should switch to steel roofing and his answer was simple. “Peace of mind! Strength, beauty and value for 50 plus years – guaranteed!”

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