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Father’s Day Chores

On Dad’s special day let him relax in a comfortable spot with the ice cold beverage of his choice while you handle some of the work around the house.

Take Out the Trash

Since time began Dads have been taking out the trash. Other family members will just keep stuffing and cramming more garbage into the can until Dad comes to the rescue.  Go ahead and shock him by emptying the kitchen trash. Yes, the bag with the holes in the bottom that is leaking spaghetti sauce. Take it outside.

Extra bonus points if you use a garden hose and some all-purpose cleaner to rinse and deodorize the outside trash bin. You’ll get even more points for deodorizing the recycling bin while you’re at it.

Cut the Grass

This one requires some mechanical skills and a basic knowledge of lawnmower operations. But Father’s Day falls right in the prime time of grass cutting season. If it’s been a soggy June he might be shearing the lawn more than once a week. It will be music to his ears to hear the familiar roar of his own lawn mower being operated by someone else.


Trim the Bushes

One father of three we know believes his perfect day will be the day someone else trims the shrubs.  It’s not the actual clipping he minds so much, it’s the aftermath of picking up all the trimmings that fall to the ground. It gives him flashbacks of Saturdays as a youngster when the fun didn’t start until every last scrap of yard work was complete.

Find the loppers and take a few inches off the top of the shrubs and be sure to pick up what you clip.

Give Him the Scoop

The dog may be his best friend but the presents his favorite pooch leaves in the yard lead to a dreaded cleanup chore. Grab the shovel and lend a hand by scooping up the poop. He just might do a happy dance as he tiptoes barefoot through the grass without a care in the world.

Wash His Car

A bucket of soapy water and some elbow grease is all it takes to polish up Dad’s ride. Pay special attention to the tires to get them extra shiny because Dads seem to love that. And give the interior a thorough vacuuming so the vehicle sparkles on the inside as well. Or really splurge and take his car to be professionally washed and detailed. Drive it back and deliver it up looking like new!

It’s not hard to treat Dad like a king on Father’s Day. Go ahead and give him a break from some of the usual chores he does around the castle. That’s a gift that he’ll appreciate on Father’s Day or any day of the year.

By Carla Turchetti

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