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Father’s Day Gift Ideas: 5 Cool Gadgets for your home

With father’s day right around the corner, it can be difficult coming up with amazing gift ideas instead of opting for the same old boring ties.  Don’t get me wrong, ties are also necessary but once you’ve given them about 10 ties, they lose all excitement for any future gifts.

I suggest changing it up a little and give them something you will both benefit from.  Men of all ages love cool technology and they will spend hours playing and discovering new gadgets.  Here are my top 5 picks for cool gadgets that will give your home a modern feel.

1. Floor plan light switch

Everyone has someone in their family that will go around the house turning on lights and forget to turn them off.  It gets a little frustrating trying to figure out which lights have been left on.  Taewon Hwang understands that frustration and has come up with a genius design for a light switch.  Essentially, the light switch is a mock up of your floor plan that accesses all the lights of the various rooms.  This wonderful product gives dad (and you) the power to control all the lights from one convenient location.

Father's Day Gift Ideas: Top 5 Cool Gadgets for your homeFather's Day Gift Ideas: Top 5 Cool Gadgets for your home

2. Door handle with self-sterilization system

Having a bacteria-free home is very important, but keeping up with house cleaning can be very difficult.  Many families are always on the go and products that help make cleaning a little easier are always a great addition.  This door handle has a self-sterilization system that cleans the surface of the handle when it is not being used.  With a healthier environment at home, dad will have more time to worry about where to go golfing with this buddies.

Father's Day Gift Ideas: Top 5 Cool Gadgets for your home


3. Eco-cleaner dishwasher

No one likes to do dishes and many fathers will agree if they can get two things done at once the better.  This new dishwasher does just that, it will give your dishes a bright, shiny clean and create compost for your plants, while eliminating the use of dish detergent.  It uses ultrasonic waves that ionize the food particles left behind converting them into reusable compost for your plants.

Father's Day Gift Ideas: Top 5 Cool Gadgets for your home
Father's Day Gift Ideas: Top 5 Cool Gadgets for your home

4. Electrolux fireplace

This fireplace designed by Camillo Vanacore looks so futuristic, dads everywhere would want a father’s day gift like this one.  The transformation of the fireplace when turning on or off is pretty cool as well.  When not in use the fireplace appears to be an opaque ceramic column and as it turns on will transform to a transparent column.


5. Sony Eclipse

Saving the best gift idea for last.  The Sony Eclipse is a media player that uses photovoltaic cells placed on its backside to draw solar power.  It conveniently sticks onto the window via a suction cup. It features Bluetooth connectivity & WiFi, allowing you to stream music, podcasts, & radio from your various devices.

Father's Day Gift Ideas: Top 5 Cool Gadgets for your home




Hopefully, these father’s day gift ideas have inspired you and will encourage you to get those wonderful fathers some cool tech gadgets. Some of these may require electricians to set them up for you and we have the guide to help you find the right one. Visit eieihome directory listing of electricians.

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