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When your favourite décor trend goes out of style

Interestingly enough, this piece was originally supposed to be about home décor trends that are going out of style. However, in the middle of creating it, a great big exclamation point of realization stopped the entire piece.

Home décor is personal. It’s about the colours and things that you want to surround yourself with on a daily basis. It’s about pieces that conjure memories and emotions, colours that make you feel good inside, and expressions of who you are as a household. So, when you think about it, you should be able to feel confident decorating your home in any way that you see fit, whether it’s on-trend, outmoded or completely out of this world.

But what if you want to maintain an interior décor style that doesn’t look dated, while still holding on to some of your favourite, not-so trendy things? Here’s a look at some of the trends that décor experts say will be “so last year” in 2017, and some advice on how to keep them alive in your home.


Copper décor accents had an incredible year in 2016. Every room in the house received its own treatment of this bright and glossy metallic, from light fixtures to servewear, decorative accents, furniture and more.

Unfortunately, the trend began to tarnish as a proliferation of cheaper, poorly made items hit the market. The good news is that aged copper is a classic and will always have a place in home décor. It’s the glossy, newer pieces that you can expect to see fewer of in stores.

Keep in mind that just because the trend is waning, it doesn’t mean that copper décor doesn’t resonate with some people. If you still like the look of copper, but feel that it may be overwhelming the overall look of your home, try to scale back. Remove a few of the smaller pieces, leaving only those that you really love.

Accent Walls

It seems like every year someone announces the death of accents walls. Yet, year after year, news of their demise is greatly exaggerated. Truly, the thing that can feel dated about the accent wall is the treatment applied to it.

Accent walls serve a practical purpose in open-concept spaces by providing definition to the different areas. They are also a good way to draw attention to important furniture pieces in a room.

To keep your wall looking current, try using a paint colour that fits cohesively with the rest of the home.

All White Rooms

White on walls will always be in style with a lot of people. However, recent trends saw white extend from walls to furniture, accents and even flooring. In the beginning, the all-white room felt fresh and interesting to the point of being daring. However, there is one major detail that has (not surprisingly) led to its demise as an interior décor darling: practicality.

Opting for a white sofa feels like the height of daring for households that see a lot of traffic, whether from children or visitors. So, when everything goes white it tends to ramp up the frequency of cleaning that needs to be done in order to keep things looking fresh.

As it turns out, very few people have time for that.

If you have an all-white room and you love the look, but hate the cleanup, it doesn’t mean that you have to go the dark side. Pick and choose where the white remains. Go for areas that are easily washed or can be treated with stain guard. Then, add colour elsewhere.

Midcentury Modern Everything

Sadly, the mid-century modern revival is getting ready to go the way of the show that brought it back to life … sort of. The look of midcentury modern decorating will probably always have a place in Canadian homes; however, the new iteration doesn’t completely dominate an entire room or home.

Expect to see more eclectic look that takes pieces from MCM and mixes it with other styles. The ease with which MCM can be combined with other styles is one of its strongest assets. So, don’t abandon that gorgeous teak credenza.

Your Home, Your Rules

In the end, what you choose to maintain, update or replace is strictly up to you. If you hear that your favourite colour, style or pattern is no longer on trend, don’t despair. There’s nothing more au courant than loving where you live.

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