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Feng Shui Part 2: Do I Love it? Do I need it?

The ultimate goal of feng shui is to manage the ch’i in your environment, which requires a new understanding of the expression “go with the flow”! Careful manipulation of feng shui techniques will increase positive ch’i.  Many of the principles will strike you as ‘common sense’; however it is easy to overlook these simple things in our increasingly busy lives.

Picture of the Buddha

Before we get into the nitty gritty of feng shui practice there are some things you can do today:

Live with what you love:

Re-examine the things that you have collected in your home. Just do one room at a time so as not to be overwhelmed. Keep asking yourself, “Do I love this?” Only keep that which you truly love.  What makes your heart sing?  If you don’t love it…get rid of it!

Less is More!

As a decorator, I am constantly falling in love with things I see and it is far too easy to end up with too much. Clutter is an obvious no-no in feng shui! It is much better to have fewer objects in a room that are positioned correctly than to have excess clutter.

We need to simplify and organize our possessions if we want good ch’i.

Over abundance can quickly lead to stagnant ch’i. This applies to all forms of clutter: piles of papers, clothes, and any number of things that we are not using that are literally sucking the energy out of our homes and our lives. Lighten up!  Getting rid of ‘old’ makes way for new… new energy, new opportunities and new relationships.

Comfort and Safety

Things such as having your back to the door, sharp corners, uncomfortable furniture, awkward furniture placement, or the wrong colors on the walls… all of these contribute to your well being, spiritually as well as physically.

It is important to locate yourself in the command position of a room: sitting with a view of the door.

It is also important to maintain the functionality of the things in your home. Look around and see if things need to be repaired, repainted, or otherwise taken care of. Everything should be in perfect working condition. If you don’t plan to fix it, get rid of it!

Set your intention for achieving balance in your living space and it will be reflected in other areas of your life.  Simplify your surroundings so that your spirit and creativity has room to expand and flow.

Red living room

We often have the tendency to resist change, but all things are ever changing and it is time to embrace change as it is in our nature. The time for change is NOW!

Guest Post by Donna McLarty of DM Custom Interiors.

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