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Fix It Friday: Silence a squeaky door in 3 easy steps

Is a squeaking, squealing door making life at home miserable? We’ll tell you how to take care of the problem in 3 simple steps.

A lot of people have opinions on how to silence a squeaky hinge. In fact, we’re pretty sure that we’ve heard them all. Some people swear by rubbing the hinges with petroleum jelly, baby oil, cooking spray, and even coconut oil. However, to properly fix a noisy hinge with lasting results give this tried and true method a chance.

squeaky door

fix it friday Remove the door’s hinge pins by tapping them out using a slotted screwdriver and a hammer. Depending upon the location of the squeak, you may need to do this to more than one hinge pin.
fix it friday Lubricate the hinge pin with a white lithium grease. White lithium grease is a temperature resistant lubricant typically used for heavy-duty, metal on metal applications. It provides a thick, protective coating that won’t drip, run or melt.
 fix it friday Tap your hinge pins back into place, and enjoy squeak free doors for years to come.

This is the first installment in our Fix It Friday series. In this series, you’ll find fast, to the point tips on how to deal with common home maintenance issues. For more information about home maintenance, home renovation, and interior décor, explore the extensive article base here on

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