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Hoover’s 4 essential spring cleaning tasks

Regardless of what it feels like outside, spring has arrived. That means it’s time to shake off the salt and grime of winter and add some deep spring cleaning to your regular cleaning schedule.

Of course, cleaning is usually the last thing we want to spend all day (or all weekend) doing, so we asked our friends at Hoover about the best high-impact, deep cleaning tasks to focus on this spring.

1.      Wash the Walls

The occasional swipe with a cloth may get rid of any finger prints or smudges, but it’s essential to give your walls a good, all over wash. This helps them to maintain a fresh look. Our friends at Hoover suggest using a flat mop, along with some warm water and your preferred cleaner, for an easy floor-to-ceiling clean.

For stubborn stains and scuffs, try a magic cleaning sponge.

spring cleaning2.      Don’t Forget to Dust

Dusting is one of springtime’s most essential chores. It not only keeps your house looking clean, but it preserves your furniture, reduces allergens and helps keep dust mites away.

Winter can be an especially dusty time of year, since your heating system may be blowing dust from the ducts throughout your home. So, get into the spring of things by dusting surfaces and objects. Need to tackle the tops of bookcases, shelves, and ceiling fans? Try using an ultra-light vacuum, like the new Hoover® Cruise™ Cordless Ultra-Light Vacuum to clean elevated areas easily and effectively.

3.      Focus on Flooring

Your flooring takes the most punishment in your home. This is true day-to-day, but even more so during the winter when snow, salt, moisture and muck are at an all-time high.

Take care of surface dirt by giving carpets and hard flooring a good vacuuming. Then, tackle the deep down dirt with a multi-surface deep cleaner.

Got carpet? If you have wall-to-wall anywhere in your home, then you’ll definitely want to get serious about deep cleaning. Over time, your carpet’s fibres collect dust and dust mites, skin cells, bacteria, animal dander, pollen, and mold.  Yuck!

The experts at Hoover recommend vacuuming your carpets at least twice a week, and deep cleaning every three to six month to keep them fresh and clean.

4.      Banish Baseboard Dirt

Baseboards and door frames tend to be overlooked during the average person’s weekly cleaning routine. However, these areas are infamous for collecting smudges and dirt.  Try using the crevice tool on your vacuum to take care of light dust and dirt. Then, give them a generous wipe down with warm water and your preferred cleaner.

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